Volkswagen Low Cost Car Brand Soon To Be Introduced In India– Datsun Effect?


Recently we informed you about Nissan’s plans for reviving Datsun brand in Russia, Indonesia and India and the same was officially announced by the company as well. Datsun is expected to introduce its first product by 2014 only and will price them below Rs. 4 lakhs to beat the competition. The company is claiming that their affordable products will be contemporary in terms of design and will deliver high fuel efficiency.

This is a good news for the Indian market but not for other manufacturers. Interestingly, Volkswagen has taken it quite seriously and is planning to launch it own entry level brand in competition with Datsun and other maker like Maruti Suzuki etc.


image – Seat MII Small Car

As confirmed by Volkswagen board member Ulrich Hackenberg, the company is going to target emerging global markets with an all new line-up of small cars which will be affordable as well as fuel efficient. There will be no global models as such since Volkswagen will develop products according to the respective markets. The cars will be priced close to 5000 euros which converts to Rs. 3-4 lakhs INR. This strategy is exactly similar to what Datsun will follow for its products.

As of today Volkswagen has the biggest brand line-up as it owns renowned brands like Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, Bentley, Skoda, SEAT etc. Of this brilliant portfolio SEAT and Skoda are the only brands that target markets for high volumes and are quite popular in their regions. Interestingly the new range of small cars that VW wishes to introduce will not be sold under any of these brand names and instead the parent will sell them under a completely new brand.

Volkswagen is already eyeing the number one manufacturer spot and hopes to capture it by the year 2018. Let us wait and watch what Volkswagen has to offer over the coming years.

via – AutoNews

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