Maruti Suzuki To Get Smaller 1 Litre DDiS Diesel Engine By Fiat


Maruti Suzuki is likely to get a 1 litre or 3 cylinder version of the 1.3 Litre 4 cylinder Multi-jet DDiS CRDI Diesel Engine by Fiat. There is no official timeline, but sensing the Indian Automobile market’s shift towards small diesel cars, we expect that the engine is likely to make it by end of 2012. As per an official statement by Maruti Suzuki India Chairman Mr. RC Bhargava quoted

“At the moment, we have a 1.3-litre diesel engine. Fiat is working on 1,000cc engines also. We don’t know the timeline, but surely, we will get these for our smaller cars.”


image- Maruti Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki will most likely install this small diesel engine in Maruti Wagon R Diesel (also read- Will Maruti Launch Wagon R Diesel To Compete With Chevrolet Beat Diesel?), Maruti Zen Estilo, and hottest selling small car in India, Maruti Alto as well. This will bring much more customers to Maruti Suzuki showrooms who were buying other brands of cars because Maruti does not have a low cost diesel car on the offering. It may also change a lot of dynamics of the Indian car market and will also invite more competition in the years to come. Recently Maruti has announced increase in Diesel car prices, Delhi Govt. has also sometime back implemented higher taxes for diesel cars in Delhi, apart from this, the central Govt. is considering additional taxes or duties on Diesel passenger cars in India to discourage the demand of Diesel in India. This all paradigm shift is going to take the India automobile industry through a phase of change and balance of Diesel to Petrol car ratio.

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