Best Bikes with Fuel Mileage of 60-80 KMPL

It’s no secret that sales in the Indian motorcycle market, especially in the entry-level segments, is driven by a particular model’s fuel mileage. No surprise then, that, every two-wheeler manufacturer strives hard to offer the best mileage bikes in these ultra-competitive With petrol prices touching an all-time high, it has become even more important for most motorcycle buyers to opt for the highest mileage bikes. However, with so many options available in the market, it has got increasingly tough for new motorcycle buyers to make the best choice. Hence, in order to clear all the confusion and give you a fair idea of some of the best mileage bikes in the country, here’s our list of all 60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in India along with their prices and specifications.

60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in india

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Our list here comprises of some well-known names from almost every major two-wheeler manufacturer in the country. Here is a look at the 60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in India- 

60 kmpl to 80 kmpl Mileage Bikes in India – 76 – 80 kmpl

Bajaj CT100 B

PriceRs 30,990
Mileage80 KMPL
Specifications99cc air-cooled engine, 8.2 PS

bajaj ct100 Best Bikes Under 50000

The Bajaj CT100B is the cheapest product in our list of 60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in India. It takes on the Splendor/CD-Dawn range from Hero MotoCorp. The CT100B is cheaper than even the Platina, but gets almost the same features, like the SNS rear suspension. However, the CT100B’s motor misses out on DTSi tech and it produces marginally lesser torque than the Platina. The CT100B, which is a budget variant, comes with a round headlight instead of a bikini fairing and is as much as INR 4,000 cheaper than the regular CT100.

TVS Star City Plus

PriceRs 50,534
Mileage80 KMPL
Specifications109.7cc air-cooled engine, 8.5 PS

2017 tvs star city plus special edition images

The TVS Star City Plus is the most fuel efficient TVS model we have in our list here. With a real-world mileage of close to 80 kmpl, the Star City Plus impresses us with its good mix of power and fuel efficiency. At 50,534, it gets enough features and looks good, too. One of the finest motorcycles in our list of 60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in India

Yamaha Saluto RX

PriceRs 46,600
Mileage80 KMPL
Specifications110cc air-cooled engine, 7.5 PS

yamaha saluto rx best bikes under 50000

The Saluto’s RX suffix might remind you of the fun-to-ride RX100, but this motorcycle is instead high on fuel efficiency and a very reliable commuter. It comes with a 110cc, four-stroke (what did you think?), single-cylinder engine that outputs a maximum power of 7.5 PS. While not even half as fun as the RX100, the Saluto RX is definitely a really fuel efficient motorcycle.

TVS Sport

PriceRs 36,880
Mileage80 KMPL
Specifications99.7cc, Single-Cylinder, Air Cooled

tvs star city plus Best Bikes Under 50000

The TVS Sport is a bare-basic motorcycle whose claim to fame is a really high mileage. This motorcycle can easily offer up to 80 KMPL in real-world conditions. It looks pretty good for an entry-level motorcycle. Also, with a price tag of just Rs 36,880, this one is a really value-for-money offering from the South Indian two wheeler manufacturer.

TVS Victor

PriceRs 49,490
Mileage76 KMPL
Specifications110cc air-cooled engine, 9.6 PS

new tvs victor

The new TVS Victor was launched alongside the Apache RTR200 and tries to carry forward the legacy of the original Victor. It comes with a 110cc air-cooled engine that outputs a maximum power of 9.6 PS. It’s USP, however, is a decent mileage of 76 kmpl.

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60 kmpl to 80 kmpl Mileage Bikes in India – 60 – 75 kmpl

Hero Splendor iSmart 

PriceRs 51,100
Mileage75 KMPL
Specifications109.1cc air-cooled engine, 7.7 PS

hero splendor ismart 110-images

A technologically advanced version of India’s favourite bike, the Splendor, the iSmart comes with start/stop technology which has helped it in achieving a fuel efficiency rating of a very impressive 75 kmpl in rear world conditions. The Hero Splendor iSmart is powered by a single cylinder 97cc engine which produces 7.7 PS @ 7,500 rpm and 8 Nm @ 4,500 rpm. Hero has also tried to spruce up the looks a little with added style and a slightly unusual paint scheme which certainly increases the appeal of the bike.

Bajaj Platina 100 ES

PriceRs 44,507
Mileage75 KMPL
Specifications102cc air-cooled engine, 8.5 PS


The new Bajaj Platina ES offers a mileage of up to 75 kmpl in real world conditions. Thanks to such a high mileage figure, it becomes one of the most fuel efficient bikes in India. Its claimed mileage figure stands at 96.9 kmpl. The Indian motorcycle manufacturer has added some style to the Platina with the latest update. Black finish is used on most of the lower half of the bike and alloy wheels to add to the sporty look. The Platina ES is powered a 102cc engine from the DTS-i engine family and produces 8.5 PS @ 7,500 rpm and 8.6 Nm @ 5,000 rpm.

Suzuki Hayate EP

PriceRs 53,974
Mileage70 KMPL
Specifications113cc air-cooled engine, 8.7 PS

2016 Suzuki Hayate EP Price

The Hayate EP is the only Suzuki product in our list of 60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in India. With a mileage of around 70 kmpl, it offers a peak power of 8.7 PS.The Hayate looks good and offers a smooth engine.

60 kmpl to 80 kmpl Mileage Bikes in India – Full List

Bajaj CT100 B80 kmpl
Yamaha Saluto RX80 kmpl
TVS Victor76 kmpl
Hero Splendor iSmart 11075 kmpl
Bajaj Platina 100 ES75 kmpl
TVS Star City Plus80 kmpl
Suzuki Hayate EP60 kmpl
TVS Sport80 kmpl

So, which of these bikes in our list of 60 kmpl to 80 kmpl mileage bikes in India do you like the most? Let us know by sharing your views in the comments section below.

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