Audi To Offers OLDE Display On Cars, Self Parking and Wireless Charging Cars


Audi may not be popular enough among buyers when it comes to offering distinctive looks, but it surely is known for the ground breaking technologies it offers. The best example is the incorporation of full LED headlamps into a production vehicle and Audi was the first manufacturer to do so. Now the same technology is seen in most of the models which clearly shows how influenced other manufacturers are,by Audi.

So if Audi can think out of box once, it can do it over and over again. Interestingly Audi is currently working on three next generation technologies which are expected to hit the production lines sooner than you think, probably before decade end.


image – Audi Car With OLED Display On Car’s Surface

Audi Vision OLED Technology

As mentioned above, Audi was the first maker to adopt full LED headlamps on a vehicle and taking the same a step further the manufacturer has adopted OLEDs, Organic Light Emitting Diodes. To explain you in simple words OLEDs are made up of an organic polymer that acts as a semiconductors. They are extremely compact and the semiconductor occupies the space between the anode and cathode. What makes them special is when a stack of OLEDs is used, they can produce millions of colours with extremely high intensities and Audi is considering using this technology in almost every part of the car including the exterior. Audi is looking at developing a system using OLEDs that would display the vehicle’s speed and brake pressure on the exterior of the vehicle to warn the traffic.

Audi Automated Parking Technology

Over the past few years park assist systems are being used in many cars and now a days they are even offered with the base models. Taking this assistance system a step ahead, Audi has developed a Garage Parking Pilot program which, as of now, has been demonstrated in an Audi A7. The system is capable of doing a number of things such as parking your A7 in the garage on the push of a button, finding a parking structure near your destination and also reserve a parking space. All one has to do is take the vehicle close to garage’s entrance, step out of the vehicle and push the button. From here the program will take over the control and park your car into your reserved spot.

Audi Inductive Charging Technology

Audi wireless Charging Technology

Inductive charging technologies have not been entertained the way they were expected to be. Automakers like Audi, Nissan and General Motors are still working hard and are betting big on this technology so as to make electric vehicles widely acceptable. Audi has partnered with WiTricity, a Boston based firm, and the latter will fit Audi’s patented coil based inductive charging system into its EV prototypes. The system uses two coils, one fitted at the bottom of the vehicle and the other under the ground, that produce a magnetic field using alternating current. This magnetic field prevails in the gap between the vehicle and ground and charges the battery.


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