Bajaj Boxer Destroys Chinese Rivals in South Africa

Bike News ยป Bajaj Boxer Destroys Chinese Rivals in South Africa

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Bajaj is one of the largest bike companies in the world and it was able to decimate the Chinese companies in the African continent.

Here is a detailed video of how the Bajaj Boxer captured the African market dethroning the Chinese companies that had over 95% market share just a decade ago. There were around 160 Chinese companies operating in the African continent in the late 1990s. At the time, Bajaj partnered with Japanese companies to source sophisticated engines while designing all the other components themselves. With such quality motorcycles, it entered the African continent. That is when the Chinese companies started feeling the heat.

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Bajaj Boxer Captured African Market

The video has been uploaded by Autominati on YouTube. It neatly explains the history of Bajaj in Africa. There is a mention of the fact that Chinese companies offered cheap bikes that were not that reliable. Moreover, there were no service centres in Africa where people could take their bikes for repairs. On the other end of the spectrum were sophisticated but expensive Japanese bikes that the mass market was not able to purchase. Bajaj discovered this gap in the market and launched its Boxer and Platina models.

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As soon as these models hit the market, they became an instant success. Suddenly, people had the opportunity to buy reliable bikes at affordable prices. In addition, Bajaj had tie-ups with local companies to establish service centres and repair shops. Resultantly, people bought these bikes like hotcakes. Bajaj was able to grab an impressive 50% market share for itself. Later on, TVS also entered the market and the domination of Indian companies began.

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This continues even today as 160 Chinese companies struggled terribly. Most of them went out of business in Africa and exited. Bajaj now exports almost 40% of bikes from India to Africa as components and the assembly takes place in various African countries for sale. This is how Bajaj was able to leverage the gap in the market to create a huge business for itself making India proud.

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