Bajaj Pulsar N160 vs NS160 Drag Race – Shocking Result

A YouTuber decided to drag race the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 with the N160. Now, while on paper, these might seem similar motorcycles, but there are differences. The NS160 is a relatively older bike which has more power and fewer features. On the other hand, the N160 is from the BS6 era which has more features but slightly lesser power. Let us check out how well these bikes perform against one another in this drag race.

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Drag Race B/w Bajaj Pulsar N160 and NS160

The YouTuber rides the N160 in the first round and his friend takes the NS160. On the count of 3, the bikers accelerate fully. The NS160 is faster out of the gates and maintains a healthy gap throughout the course of the race. The N160 was never able to catch the NS160 in the first attempt. To maintain the consistency of results, the bikers swap their motorbikes for the second round. This time around, both the bikes were neck-to-neck for almost the entire duration of the race.

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Using slipstreaming, the N160 was able to accelerate past the NS160 in the second attempt and emerge victorious by the slightest of margins. Nevertheless, this drag race helps us understand why the NS160 has been so popular among youngsters for all these years. Here, we must also caution our readers to not perform such drag races on your own due to safety concerns. These YouTubers take enormous care about the safety behind the scenes. Therefore, you must not simply imitate them.

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bajaj pulsar n160 vs ns160 drag race
Bajaj Pulsar N160 vs NS160 drag race

Specs Comparison

The Bajaj Pulsar NS160 comes with a 160.3-cc air-cooled engine that produces 17.2 PS and 14.6 Nm of peak power and torque. It is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. It gets a single channel ABS for both wheels. The NS160 is priced at Rs 1.24 lakh, ex-showroom. On the other hand, the N160 gets a 164.8-cc air-oil-cooled engine churning out 16 PS and 14.65 Nm of peak power and torque. It gets a dual-channel ABS for both wheels and wider tyres compared to the NS160. The N160 is priced from Rs 1.23 lakh to Rs 1.28 lakh, ex-showroom.

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