We Pick the Best Cars in India from Segments Below 50 Lakhs!

Gone are the days when an average Indian car buyer chose between the HM Ambassador, Padmini Premiere and the Maruti 800. Indian car market has been growing pretty rapidly and today, we have a wide range of cars, across many price segments, on sale in the country. While having more options is always beneficial, such a wide range often confuses an average car buyer. Hence, we’ve decided to list out the best cars in India in each price segment below Rs. 50 Lakhs. Read on.

Best Cars in India

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Best Cars in India

Best Car in India Below 4 Lakhs

Rs. 4 Lakhs can get you a high-end variant of entry-level hatchbacks like the Kwid. It can also get you a base model of the Tata Tiago. The Maruti Celerio‘s base model too retails for only a little more than 4 lakhs. Also joining these in the coming days will be the Kwid 1000cc model. However, our pick is the tried-and-tested Maruti Alto K10. True, it’s not a spacious car but you get a peppy engine with high fuel mileage and Maruti’s reliable after sales support. It’s also pretty cheap to maintain. Also, the top-end VXi trim gets Driver’s side airbag.

  • Prices- Rs. 3.40 Lakhs- Rs. 3.93 Lakhs

Best car in India - Maruti Suzuki ALTO K10 Urbano limited edition cover

Engine Type/ Displacement1.0-litre
Power68 PS
Torque90 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)5-speed manual
Mileage24.07 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs 3.40-3.93 lakhs

Best Car in India Below 5 Lakhs

You have quite a few options in the below 5 lakhs category. These options include everything from a Chevrolet Beat to Hyundai Grand i10. It can even get you a budget-end MPV in the form of Datsun Go+. There are many choices available. Our pick is the Tata Tiago. This car looks modern, drives well, has frugal engines and has been priced well. Definitely among the best cars in India below 4 lakhs!

  • Prices- Rs. 3.20 lakhs to Rs. 5.54 lakhs

Best Small Car in India Under 4 Lakhs tata tiago price, pics, specs, features, details,

Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2-litre1.05-litre cc
Power 85 PS70 PS
Torque 114 Nm140 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual5-speed manual
Mileage23.84 KMPL27.28 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs 3.20-4.75 lakhsRs 3.94-5.54 lakhs

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Best Car in India Below 6 Lakhs

So this is where things start getting interesting. We say so because most cars in this segment are world-class products that offer many features, efficient yet powerful engines and decent ride and handling. While Rs. 6 lakhs can even get you mid-level trims of popular cars like the Swift and Grand i10, our pick is the new Ford Figo. Handsome exterior, good engines, many features and cheap spares make the Figo among the best cars in India below 6 lakhs.

  • Prices- Rs. 4.54 lakhs – Rs. 7.27 lakhs

best car in india - new-ford-figo-front-angle-motion-pics=2

Engine Type/ Displacement1.2-litre/1.5-litre1.5-litre
Power88 PS/112 PS100 PS
Torque112 Nm/136.3 Nm215 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual/6-Speed Automatic5-speed manual
Mileage18.6 KMPL/17 KMPL25.83 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs 4.54-7.27 lakhsRs 5.63-7.18 lakhs

Best Car in India Below 8 Lakhs

Rs. 8 Lakhs can get you a fully loaded compact sedan. While the Maruti Dzire is a safe choice, it is the Figo-derived Aspire that is among the best cars in India below 8 lakhs. It has all the qualities of the new Figo along with a bigger boot. So it looks great, the spares are cheap and it’s fun to drive too! And the engines offer a high fuel mileage. The Ford Aspire is also the best looking car in its category.

  • Prices-  Rs. 5.28 lakhs – Rs. 8.20 lakhs

best car in india ford-figo-aspire-review-red-rear-angle-action-1

Engine Type/ Displacement1.2-litre/1.5-litre1.5-litre Diesel
Power88 PS/112 PS100 PS
Torque112 Nm/136.3 Nm215 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual/6-Speed Automatic5-speed manual
Mileage18.6 KMPL/17 KMPL25.83 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs. 5.28-8.20 lakhsRs. 6.38-7.90 lakhs

Best Car in India Below 10 Lakhs

Rs. 10 Lakhs can get you anything from a high-end Nissan Sunny to a Honda City or a VW Vento. Among the best cars in India below 10 lakhs has to be the Maruti Ciaz. Roomy interior, good looks, easy to maintain and the high mileage that the engines offer- the Ciaz has a lot going for it. Rs. 10 lakhs can get you a high-end variant of either the Diesel or the Petrol model. Whichever fuel option you choose, one just can’t go wrong with a Ciaz! The Diesel gets a micro hybrid too!

  • Prices-  Rs. 7.53 lakhs – Rs. 9.94 lakhs

best car in india - maruti-ciaz-rs-shvs-front-angle

Engine Type/ Displacement1.4-litre1.3-litre
Power92 PS89.73 PS
Torque130 Nm200 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)5-speed manual/4-Speed Automatic5-speed manual
Mileage19 KMPL28 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs. 7.53-9.94 lakhsRs. 7.68-9.59 lakhs

Best Car in India Below 15 Lakhs

The Hyundai Creta has to be among the best cars in India below 15 lakhs. With macho styling, many features and good engines, it’s tough to find a fault with the Creta. Also, Hyundai’s wide after sales network is an added bonus. The top-end Diesel Automatic costs around 12 lakhs and comes with a punchy 1.6-litre Diesel engine and a pretty decent automatic transmission. True, it’s nowhere as precise as the Dual Clutch units but the Creta is still a lot of car for your money.

  • Prices- Rs. 9.17 Lakhs to Rs. 14.52 lakh

best car in india under 15 lakhs - hyundai creta price

Engine Type/ Displacement1.6-litre1.4-litre/1.6-litre
Power123 PS89.73 PS/127 PS
Torque151 Nm219 Nm/260 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)6-speed manual/6-Speed Automatic6-speed manual/6-Speed Automatic
Mileage17 KMPL21 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs. 9.20-12.90 lakhsRs. 10-14.50 lakhs

Best Car in India Below 20 Lakhs

Rs. 20 Lakhs can get you anything from a Mahindra XUV500 to a Skoda Octavia. However, we believe that it’s the new Toyota Innova Crysta that’s the best car in India below 20 lakhs. Surprised? Even we were, back when checked out the high passenger comfort and many features that the new Innova offers. It’s available in three engine options- 2 Diesels and a Petrol It even gets an Automatic transmission. The Crysta is spacious, feature-rich, powerful and is backed by Toyota’s reliability.

  • Prices- Rs. 13.3 Lakhs-Rs. 19.98 Lakhs

best car in india below 20 lakhs - toyota-innova-crysta-auto-expo-2016-3

Engine Type/ Displacement1.6-litre2.4-litre/2.8-litre
Power123 PS150 PS/174 PS
Torque151 Nm343/360 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)6-speed manual/6-Speed Automatic5-speed manual/6-Speed Automatic
Mileage17 KMPL15.10 KMPL/14.29 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs. 13.73-19.62 lakhsRs. 13.3-19.98 lakh

Best Car in India Below 30 Lakhs

It’s not everyday that a new car is launched and makes every other car in its segment look dated in comparison. The new Ford Endeavour is one such car. Muscular looks, potent engines, premium cabin, sufficient off-road cred- the new Endy has it all! True, the transmission’s a bit slow but there’s little else we’re not happy about. The Ford Endeavour is easily among the best cars in India below 30 lakhs. No wonder it’s the best selling car in its segment.

  • Prices- Rs. 24.75 Lakhs-Rs. 29.46 Lakhs

best car in india below 30 lakhs - new ford endeavour india launch

Engine Type/ Displacement2.2-litre/3.2-litre
Power150 PS/200 PS
Torque385 Nm/470 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)6-speed manual/6-speed Automatic
Mileage12 KMPL/10 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs. 24.75-29.46 Lakhs

Best Car in India Below 50 Lakhs

Even if you’ve got a budget of around 50 lakhs, it’s a SUV that makes the most sense. The new Land Rover Discovery Sport is modern, stylish, very good off the road and is luxurious too! Rs. 50 lakhs can get you the base Diesel model, which is still sufficiently high on features and performance. The Land Rover Discovery Sport shares its platform with the Range Rover Evoque. This SUV offers both 7 seater and 5 seater options.

Prices- Rs.47.59 Lakhs-Rs.62.79 Lakhs

best car in india - land rover discovery sport

Engine Type/ Displacement2.0-litre2.2-litre
Power240 PS150 PS/190 PS
Torque360 Nm400 Nm or 420 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)9-speed Automatic9-speed Automatic
Mileage9 KMPL13/13 KMPL
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs. 56.50 LakhsRs.47.59-62.79 Lakhs

So here’s the consolidated list of Best cars in India under 50 Lakh

Best Car in India Below 4 LakhsMaruti Alto K10
Best Car in India Below 5 LakhsTata Tiago
Best Car in India Below 6 LakhsFord Figo
Best Car in India Below 8 Lakhs Ford Aspire
Best Car in India Below 10 LakhsMaruti Ciaz
Best Car in India Below 15 LakhsHyundai Creta
Best Car in India Below 20 LakhsToyota Innova Crysta
Best Car in India Below 30 LakhsFord Endeavour
Best Car in India Below 50 LakhsLand Rover Discovery Sport

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