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  • We have to bow down to the incredibly impressive acts of the Indian Army.
  • In this latest case, the Army was able to crack a difficult case.
  • Check out why this cycle is worth Rs 70 lakh.

Check out this unique case of a bicycle that is worth Rs 70 lakh! Yes, you heard that right. While there are a lot of modern and high-tech bicycles in the market these days, this particular case is quite unlike anything you’ll ever see. Indian Army works in tandem with the intelligence agencies of the nation to carry out secretive operations. That is why they have so detailed and obscure information about various events that we, as regular civilians don’t have the access to. Here are the details of this event.

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Bicycle Worth Rs 70 Lakh

The video has been uploaded by Decode Trend on YouTube. This channel regularly features viral content around daily activities involving automobiles. This time around, it shows a video clip of an Army officer trying to work on a beaten old bicycle. At first glance, it looks like the cycle is so old and deformed that no one would be able to even ride it. But the Army officials must’ve got some intel regarding why this very bicycle is special. He is seen turning the seat of the cycle as if to open it up somehow.

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After some time, the seat comes off. The Army man is then seen pulling a string from the inside of the vertical rod on which the seat was mounted. Shockingly, there is a giant bar of gold attached to the other end of the string. As the officer takes out the giant bar of gold from the bicycle, the information in the video reveals that the cost of this gold is estimated to be around Rs 70 lakh.

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In inference, we can only bow down and salute our Armed forces that they are able to decode and diffuse such attempts of smuggling and nuisance. It is simply unimaginable to even remotely consider the possibility of such a useless bicycle being used to smuggle gold worth Rs 70 lakh. Do share your thoughts with us about this.

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Bicycle Worth Rs 70 Lakh
Bicycle Worth Rs 70 Lakh

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