Biker Takes Photo of Rash Auto Driver, Gets Beaten Up

  • We encounter some weird instances of aggression on roads at times.
  • A biker was taking a photo of an auto-driver who was driving rashly.
  • But the driver got angry and started physically abusing the biker in broad daylight.

Here is a case of a biker trying to take a photo of a rash auto driver who was driving carelessly on the road. However, the auto driver got angry at this and started physically assaulting the biker. We have seen auto drivers driving recklessly millions of times. That jeopardizes the safety of the passengers sitting in the auto, as well people outside including the pedestrian and other drivers on the road. What’s even worse is the fact that they don’t fear the law as they are capable of beating anyone in the middle of the road with tons of people around. Let us take a look at the details of this here.

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Rash Auto Driver Beats Biker Who Takes His Photo

The video has been uploaded by Decode Trend on YouTube. This channel keeps featuring content about weird instances on road on a daily basis. This time around, the video informs that this instance is from somewhere in Delhi. A biker and other cars stop at a traffic light. He takes his phone out and starts clicking photos of the auto driver who was driving quite recklessly. However, as soon as he starts taking photos of the auto to register a complaint, the auto driver comes out.

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He approaches the biker and takes off his helmet and starts physically assaulting the biker. The video cuts at that time and the entire episode has not been recorded. But this reflects the audacity that people have. This also shows how aggressive some auto drivers in Delhi could be. It is simply unbelievable to see that someone is capable of doing this in the middle of the road in broad daylight with tons of people around.

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We are shocked to see this and can only advise our readers to report such activities but also take care of their own safety. We must do our bit to ensure road safety and traffic rules and regulations being followed by bringing such incidents in front of the authorities so that people think twice before committing such acts. Do share your thoughts on this with us.

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Auto Driver Beats Biker Who Took His Photo
Auto Driver Beats Biker Who Took His Photo

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