BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S Class – Specifications Comparison

We put the specs of the BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S Class to see how the two most luxurious sedan in India compare to one another on paper.

BMW launched their flagship luxury sedan this week, the BMW 7 series with a major facelift that sees much revised styling, some updated equipment on the interiors and a new plug-in hybrid engine option as well. Although at the high end of the luxury market, competition is fierce here too with the rather flamboyant Mercedes-Benz S Class strongly making its presence. Here we see how it all fares on paper, the BMW 7 series vs the Mercedes Benz S Class.

The Mercedes S Class has been the favorite in this segment for long. It looks stately, it is exuberantly luxurious, techy and well engineered too. It will take the BMW 7 series quite some effort to buzz off this three-pointed star. We have thus drawn a comparison on how these two stately barges fare against each other on paper.

BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S Class
BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S Class

BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Engine Specifications (Petrol)

ModelBMW 7 SeriesMercedes-Benz S Class
Engine 3.0L Inline 6-cylinder/ Inline 6-cylinder Hybrid/ 6.6L twin-turbocharged V123.0L, V6/4.0L V8/V12
Power322 bhp/394 bhp/585 bhp362 bhp/ 469bhp/ 630 bhp
Torque450 Nm/600 Nm/850 Nm500 Nm/700 Nm/1000 Nm
Transmission8-speed Automatic Gearbox7-speed automatic/9-speed automatic

In terms of numbers, well the Mercedes S-Class clearly has the upper hand. The S-Class has a wider variety of engines from V6 to V8 and all the way up to a V12. The 7 series on the other hand has an inline-6 and a V12 engine for the M Sport variant. And for each corresponding engine, the Mercedes clearly has more power and torque. Where the Beemer does have an edge is with its plug-in hybrid engine which the Mercedes does not get. Also, the BMW only uses an 8-speed automatic whereas the Mercedes gets a 7-speed as well as a 9-speed.

BMW 7 Series
BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S Class – Engine Specifications (Diesel)

ModelBMW 7 SeriesMercedes-Benz S Class
Engine 3.0L, Inline-6 cylinder 3.0L, Inline-6 cylinder
Power265 bhp282 bhp
Torque620 Nm600 Nm
Transmission8-speed automatic7-speed automatic

Comparing the diesel engines, both cars only have one diesel engine option, that being an inline-6 cylinder engine but even here, the Mercedes engine is more powerful than the one in the BMW. The Beemer however has 20 Nm of additional torque. Also, while the 7-series gets an 8-speed automatic, the Mercedes only gets a 7-speed unit.

Mercedes Benz S Class
Mercedes Benz S Class

BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S Class – Dimensions

DimensionsBMW 7 SeriesMercedes Benz S-Class
Length5,238 mm5,462 mm
Width2,169 mm2,130 mm
Height1,485 mm1,498 mm
Wheelbase3,210 mm3,365 mm

Here again, the Mercedes S-Class is quite a bit longer than the BMW 7-series. Consecutively, it also has the larger wheelbase and thus more space on the interiors as well. And space being an element of luxury, that’s sure an advantage for the Mercedes. The S-Class is also a little taller but the Beemer is a little wider than the other.

Exterior Styling

Both cars have a very different approach to design. The BMW 7 series is easily the more contemporary looking car with sharp lines and creases, a modern face with those LED headlamps and of course, that huge kidney grille for the nose. The 7-series appears more businessman like and is sure a looker, more so in the M Sport variant. It seems to have the right mix of sportiness and grandeur.

The S-Class on the other hand is more classy, more stately than the BMW 7 series. The lines are smooth and while its no head turner like the 7-series, its elegance is sure to catch your eye when it passes by. The Maybach version with its exclusive paints sheer size does look pretty imposing though.

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BMW 7 Series interiors
BMW 7 Series interiors

Interior and Features

This is a matter of more personal choice. Both cars are sumptuously equipped on the interiors. The Mercedes S-Class has a little more space than the BMW 7 series and it also has the more luxurious ride quality with better seats at the rear. The 7 series on the other hand comes across as more convenient with its technology and ease of access of the several features.

When it comes to interior design, both have been very well designed indeed. They both seem to carry their exterior design philosophy in the interiors as well. The Mercedes S-Class seems more classy and sophisticated whereas the BMW appears more contemporary and techy in comparison. Both cars are very well equipped in terms of technology and are at par with each other. We still would have liked to see the more recent interior design layout in the 7 series as is found in the newer BMW cars.

Mercedes Benz S Class Interiors
Mercedes Benz S Class Interiors

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Well, finally coming down to the pricing, the BMW 7 series is priced from Rs. 1.22 crores for the base diesel variant to Rs. 2.42 crores for the M Sport variant with the V12 engine. The Mercedes S-Class is priced from Rs. 1.36 crores for the base diesel variant, all the way up to Rs. 2.73 crores for the Maybach S 650 variant with the V12 nengine. On paper, yes the Mercedes is more expensive but it also offers that much more performance and luxuriousness. So as it seems, Mercedes Benz S Class vs BMW 7 series on paper, the Merc clearly comes out as the winner. The BMW 7 Series still is a very competitive alternative.