Border Crossing from Canada to USA by Car – What All Should You Know

  • Travelling from Canada to the US via car is a rather common phenomenon.
  • This video highlights some key tips to take into consideration while doing that.
  • The YouTuber is explaining these things from his own experience.

In this video, an Indian YouTuber shares some valuable tips for crossing the border from Canada to the US. This route is quite popular for a whole bunch of people who are either working in one country and then travelling back home often or tourists, who are living in one country and then visiting the other country for a short duration. Therefore, this video holds a lot of promise and value and people can use it as a reference to know the formalities of how to do it. Let us take a look at the details of this.

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Crossing Border From Canada to US

The video has been uploaded by Desi Immigrant in Canada. He talks about his recent trip from Ottawa, Canada to Pitsburg, USA. The journey is around 900 km long. He made an overnight halt in Toronto and then continued on to Pitsburg the next day. Being a weekend, the border near Niagra Falls was quite busy. Hence, you must keep in mind that travelling across the border, including toll and immigration formalities, will take a couple of hours. Also, if you are travelling to the US for the first time, there might be additional formalities needed.

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That is exactly what happened with the YouTuber. He was asked to meet the immigration officer and go through a brief interview. It included details of the purpose of travelling and the date of returning back in addition to a valid travel document and visa. After this, he got the approval and was allowed to cross the border. He also mentions that if you are travelling via car, you need to take care of a few things.

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This includes things like valid car insurance (whether you are travelling in a rented or a personal car), a valid driving license (generally, a regular Canadian driver’s license is valid in the US too), valid mobile carrier services (since you are leaving Canada, the tariffs will no longer be valid and you will need to activate roaming facilities for your service provider), speed limits (Canada uses km/h, while the US uses mph units), and some US currency to pay at the tolls or such places where credit cars might not be accepted. We hope you got some useful information from this post to ease your travel across the US-Canada border.

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Tips For Crossing US-Canada Border in Car
Tips For Crossing US-Canada Border in Car

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