Full SUV Collection of KN Nehru, Politician Owner of India’s 1st Land Cruiser LC300

KN Nehru is a former Transport Minister of Tamil Nadu and holds the distinction of owning India’s first Toyota Land Cruiser LC300.

The Toyota SUV collection of the Tamil Nadu Politician KN Nehru is a dream for automobile lovers. Indian celebs and politicians have a reputation for collecting expensive luxury cars. The former Tamil Nadu Transport Minister, KN Nehru recently got his hands on India’s first 2022 Land Cruiser LC300 costing a whopping Rs 2 Crore. Now, it is time to look at his entire fleet of SUVs.

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Toyota SUV Collection of Tamil Nadu Politician

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado – Rs 85 Lakh

KN Nehru also owns a prominent luxury SUV from back in the day, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. You would find this SUV in the garages of some of the most popular personalities in India almost a decade ago. Prado was treated as a symbol of opulence back when there were not too many luxury vehicles in our country.

Car Collection of Tamil Politician

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Toyota Fortuner Legender – Rs 46 Lakh

Toyota Lengender is the special edition version of the Fortuner that sits second from the top in the lineup below GR-Sport. Toyota introduced it after the discontinuation of the Ford Endeavour to offer their customers a more premium version of the regular Fortuner. In some cities, the Legender costs around Rs 60 lakh, on-road.

Car Collection of Tamil Politician

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Toyota Fortuner – Rs 38 Lakh

In addition to the special Legender version, Nehru also possesses the regular latest-gen Fortuner SUV. The SUV needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular SUVs in the country with a starting price of around Rs 38 lakh. It comes with a ton of off-roading gear in the higher trims.

Car Collection of Tamil Politician

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Toyota Innova Crysta – Rs 24 Lakh

The next Toyota on this list is the famous MPV, the Innova Crysta. Innova has been ruling the charts in our market in the MPV segment for years now and there is no competitor that has been able to challenge the throne. Its practicality, spacious cabin, and reliable engines are some of the main reasons for its massive success.

Car Collection of Tamil Politician

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Ford Endeavour – Rs 37 Lakh

There car be no car collection list complete without the Ford Endeavour if the owner has a Fortuner. The Endeavour was the only worthy rival for the Fortuner in our market but sadly, it is now discontinued. Nevertheless, it still has loyal fans due to its premium cabin and hardcore off-roading equipment.

Car Collection of Tamil Politician

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