What if Fortuner, Endeavour, Alto & Others Had Emotions? Viral Video Explains!

YouTube Shorts is a great way to express your creativity and if done correctly, can bring such incredible results.

Check out this viral video which captures the cars with human emotions. Creativity online is of the essence in order to create viral content. This is a prime example of that. People with witty and humorous content are getting the most traction on the internet. Comic videos are becoming the escape that people are seeking from their hectic lives. That is why such videos are received so well by the users. This particular video has garnered over 1.2M likes, which is simply mind-boggling.

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Cars With Human Emotions Video Goes Viral

The video clip has been uploaded by as YouTube Shorts. The creator and his teammates are acting as popular cars. They represent cars like the Maruti Alto, Tata Nano, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and Maruti Omni. Each one is presenting the mentality associated with them as if they are humans. The one disguised as Fortuner is speaking to Nano saying that why does everyone consider him so bad compared to the Endeavour. There is only the difference of a sunroof. The one shown as the Endeavour is all dressed up to look like someone from abroad.

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But the main highlight of this clip is the other party that is playing the role of Omni. Now, having seen Bollywood movies, everyone invariably relates the Omni van with kidnapping since it was the most common vehicle used for that. The guy dressed up as the Omni mentions this exact thing. He is sad that everyone calls it kidnapper but no one recognises it as the life saver since it was also commonly used as an ambulance in the market and still is.

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Fortuner vs Endeavour

A man with a broken arm comes and tries to sit inside the Ambulance as a part of this act. This short clip has found people appreciating the realism that it captures. The tussle between the Fortuner and Endeavour in our market was real until last year when Ford quit India. Also, the image of Omni was what is represented in the video. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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If Cars Had Emotions Viral Video
If Cars Had Emotions Viral Video

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