Cars Under Rs 10 Lakh With 6 or 7 Seat Configuration!

In a country like ours, it can be of paramount importance sometimes, how many people we can fit in the car. Especially in semi-urban environments, the utility and practicality aspects of a car are valued a lot. That is the motivation behind this post as well. We try to figure out which cars under the budget of Rs 10 lakh come with the option of having a 6/7 seat arrangement. The second purpose that these cars solve is that in situations when luggage becomes your priority, the third row can be folded to generate a ton of boot space. This enhances the utilitarian aspect of the car and comes in handy during various circumstances. So, let us take a look at which cars suit these criteria.

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7 seater

Maruti Ertiga

The first car on the list is the most popular MPV in the country from Maruti Suzuki, the Ertiga. Ertiga has been very successful since its launch and serves as the go-to affordable substitute for the much expensive Toyota Innova Crysta. Mahindra tried to challenge the Ertiga with Marazzo but was not successful. Ertiga comes with a 6/7 seat arrangement. The prices of Ertiga start at Rs 7.69 lakh and go all the way up to Rs 10.47 lakh, ex-showroom.

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Maruti BS6 Engine

Mahindra Bolero

One of the most popular compact SUVs from Mahindra, the Bolero is the default choice of automobile for a large population in the semi-urban and rural regions of the country. The reasons for that are quite simple, for instance, tough and rugged build quality, off-roading capabilities and 7-seat arrangement which can be doubled up as additional boot space when need be. The Bolero ranges between Rs 8.17 lakh and Rs 9.14 lakh, ex-showroom.

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Mahindra Bolero

Renault Triber

In recent times, Renault has been flooding our market with extremely affordable yet practical products including the 6/7 seater Triber. Aggressive pricing has been the strategy that Renault has been following in our market with great results. Triber is the example of that strategy only. The Triber ranges from Rs 5.30 lakh to Rs 7.82 lakh, ex-showroom.

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Renault Triber

Mahindra KUV100 NXT

The other popular product in the semi-urban sphere of our country is the Mahindra KUV100 NXT. It has gained some customers just because of the practicality that it offers. It is built robustly and can go to places with no roads because of that. Additionally, it can house 6 people when required which is a huge advantage in certain scenarios. The affordability quotient adds to the appeal of the compact SUV and therefore, it features on our list. The KUV100 NXT costs Rs 5.87 lakh to Rs 7.48 lakh, ex-showroom.

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mahindra kuv 100 front image

Maruti Suzuki XL6

The XL6 is, essentially, a slightly premium version of the Ertiga and comes from the NEXA department of Maruti Suzuki. It also features the third-row of seating and can house up to 7 passengers if need be. If not, that area can be utilized to maximize the luggage compartment which lends a great deal of flexibility and practicality to the cabin of the XL6. The prices for the MPV start at Rs 9.84 lakh and go all the way up to Rs 11.61 lakh, ex-showroom.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 August Sales

Datsun GO Plus

Essentially, the longer version of the entry-level hatchback from Datsun, the Go Plus is an extremely affordable MPV to feature in this list. Like Renault, Datsun also has value-for-money products in our market, one of which is the GO Plus. The Datsun GO Plus ranges between Rs 4.25 lakh and Rs 6.99 lakh, ex-showroom.

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datsun go plus special anniversary edition images