Chevrolet Beat Diesel Price Hikes By Rs. 15000– Would You Still Buy One?


Well, for most potential buyers who want to buy a Chevrolet Beat Diesel in India because of sky-rocketing Petrol Prices, the answer may well be YES ! Because Chevrolet Beat Diesel is one of the most fuel efficient cars In India and that too on Diesel fuel which practically give it almost same running cost as that of most 150 CC and above petrol bikes in India. With a claimed mileage of 24 KMPL, beat Diesel delivers close to 20 KMPL in most practical driving condition which translate to about Rs. 2 per Km of driving cost at about Rs. 40 per litre of petrol. Chevrolet (General Motors) India launched Chevrolet Beat in July 2011 and since then it is one of the best selling volume product for the company. With the aggressive introductory pricing at the launch starting Rs. 4.29 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, Chevrolet wanted to gain good sales and establish the car in the market and make space in people’s heart, which has been achieved to a good level.


Chevrolet Beat Diesel Launched

image – Chevrolet Beat Diesel Launch In New Delhi India in July 2011

The reason cited for this increase is also the same as it is for most car makers who source components from outside India – the weak India rupee against the US dollar in the international market and increasing input costs. As per the official statement by P Balendran, Vice President, GM India:

“In case of Beat diesel, we had an introductory price. Due to the current currency fluctuations and rising commodity prices, we have no option but pass it on to consumers. GM has hiked price of Beat diesel by Rs. 15,000 with immediate effect, while the rest of the models’ prices will go up by 1-2 per cent by January”

In my opinion, this price hike will not impact the sales of the Beat diesel too much as the car still holds good value at even the revised price and Chevrolet knows this fact and want to make good use of the demand which Beat diesel is able to generate in India. In the month full of Year End Discounts, this is first of its kind price increase, which is a bold step by Chevrolet India, but it is surely backed by good sales number and market response. Few weeks back, Maruti Suzuki also announced a price hike in Maruti Diesel cars lineup in India.

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