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Datsun Redi Go 1000cc Review – Redi, Set, Go!

What is it?

Datsun India is finally ready with the much awaited 1000cc variant of the redi GO, its bargain-basement hatchback. To be called the Datsun Redi Go 1.0, the new engine variant gets the same low-capacity three-pot petrol engine that powers the Kwid 1.0. Apart from this, the new model also gets a few not-so-significant styling changes. Prices are yet to be disclosed but our gut feeling is that the 1000cc Redi Go will command a premium of up to Rs 50,000 over the 800cc version. We drove the Redi Go around the picturesque town of Goa. Here’s our Datsun Redi Go 1000cc Test Drive Review to take you through all the details of this new car. datsun redi go 1000cc images front angleAlso See- Datsun Redi Go 1000cc vs Renault Kwid 1.0 Comparison | Datsun Redi Go 1000cc vs Maruti Alto K10

Datsun Redi Go 1000cc Test Drive Review – Video

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Looks the Same

Yes, there’s not much that differentiates the new 1000cc model from its less powerful sibling. The Redi Go 1000cc engine variant is available only in the top 2 trims (S and T(O)), which means bits like some chrome appliques and stylish LED DRLs and jazz up the exterior a fair bit. The trim levels also get you slightly updated bumpers, which come with a black lower lips, but there’s really not much to tell the two engine variants apart. Okay, there’s a ‘1.0’ badge on the bootlid, but there’s little else to make this car look any different from its lesser sibling. The car misses out on alloy wheels. Also, unlike the Kwid 1.0, the new Redi Go 1000cc models do not get any sort of graphics or body decals to announce the bigger engine credentials.

datsun redi go 1000cc images front angle

Much like the exterior, the interior of the Redi Go 1000cc isn’t too different from that of its less powerful variant. The biggest change here is the all-black theme instead of the lighter tones for the 800cc version’s cabin. You also get a silver finish around the side aircon vents and on the sporty three-spoke steering wheel. There’s a new button for central locking and the 1000cc version gets remote locking. Other than this you can also get the optional Black-red seat covers for your 1000cc Redi Go. So, basically, the new variant looks almost the same as its less powerful sibling with only little to differentiate between the two cars.

datsun redi go 1000cc images interior

More Power

The new Redi Go 1.0 gets a 1.0-litre iSAT three-cylinder petrol engine that outputs a max. power of 67 BHP at 5,500 RPM and a peak torque of 91 Nm at 4,250 RPM. In comparison, the less powerful 0.8-litre motor manages to output just 53 BHP-72 Nm. The new engine will initially go on sale with a 5-speed Manual Transmission only. However, an AMT option shouldn’t be too far in the offing.

datsun redi go 1000cc review images engine compartment

Thanks to a significant increase in power, the Redi Go feels a lot more energetic throughout the rev range. While the engine doesn’t exhibit the kind of peppiness that the Alto’s brilliant K10 engine is known for, there’s still sufficient punch on offer. Compared to the less powerful 0.8-litre model, this car isn’t much quicker off the block. However, it’s the mid-range where the new Redi Go 1.0 delivers a much stronger performance. Overtaking fast-moving traffic no longer takes months of planning and the new car can easily hit around 140 KMPH on the speedo.

datsun redi go 1000cc test drive review images action

The only real complain we have here is with the high NVH levels. The engine isn’t a very quite unit and gets fairly audible as you floor the pedal. There’s also some wind noise at high speeds. The Alto K10, in comparison, feels more refined. However, this engine makes up for all the lack of refinement with its really high fuel efficiency. The new Datsun Redi Go 1.0 boasts an ARAI mileage of 22.5 KMPL, which is 0.33 KMPL higher than what the Kwid 1.0 offers and just 0.2 KMPL lesser than 0.8-litre Redi Go’s fuel mileage. It’s worth a mention here that the suspension settings on the Redi Go have been left untouched, which means the car continues to offer a decent ride quality and neutral handling characteristics. The steering continues to be too light and uninspiring.

Should I Buy One? 

The Datsun Redi Go has always impressed us with its crossover-ish design, a spacious cabin, a really high ground clearance of 185 mm and an attractive price tag. The new 1.0-litre variant possesses all these traits, but the new 1.0-litre engine makes the entire package even more attractive. The new 1000cc Redi Go is for all those who’ve stayed away from this entry-level Datsun due to the lackluster performance of the 0.8-litre engine. True, bits like an uninspiring steering and high NVH levels stick out like a sore thumb, but there’s still a lot going for the new Datsun Redi Go 1.0.

Datsun Redi Go 1000cc Test Drive Review – Images

Datsun Redi Go 1.0 Specifications

Engine Type/ Displacement 1000cc, 3-cylinder, Petrol
Power 67 BHP at 5,500 RPM
Torque 91 Nm at 4,250 RPM
Transmission 5-speed MT
Mileage 22.5 KMPL (ARAI)

Datsun Redi Go 1.0 Rivals

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