Datsun Redi GO Test Drive Review- Redi, Set, Go!

What is it?

Meet the new Datsun Redi-Go, an entry-level hatchback which is likely to help Nissan India boost its sales volume by a great margin. Basically, the Redi-Go could be seen replicating the success of its not-so-distant cousin – the Renault Kwid. It maybe noted that the resurrected Datsun entered the Indian market in 2014 with its GO hatchback. A year later, we also saw it launch the GO+. Practical, Low-priced and low running costs- both the Go and the Go+ aimed to attract a lot of customers with these traits. However, both these models have enjoyed only moderate success. True, the brand has been growing steadily, but it does need a massive push to really get the wheels rolling. This is exactly what the new Redi-GO has been tasked with. The world has already seen what the car looks like but has been wondering about its ride and handling, engine performance and features. Recently we took the Redi-GO for a spin around the City of Joy, Kolkata, and here, in our Datsun redi GO test drive review, we will shed light on every aspect of the car. Read on…

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We believe one of the biggest selling points of the Redi-GO will be its design, which is more or less identical to the concept that was showcased back in 2014. Designers have clearly been very brave with the exteriors of the car bestowing it with very strong character lines and beautifully sculpted tail. We quite like the way Datsun has kept the overall profile of the car aggressive and sporty without going overboard. The attractive nose is characterized by Large swept-back headlamps that blend well with Datsun’s signature chrome-infused hexagonal grille and dual tone bumpers that hint at its crossover credentials. Interestingly, the one finished in green came with silver highlights on front and rear bumpers while the ones in red and silver had black highlights. LED DRLs might be perceived as a premium feature, but the ones used here look a bit low-rent. When viewed from the side, you will notice the wheels have been pushed to the extremes of the chassis and the high ground clearance of 185 mm. We’ve come across quite a few new vehicles off late where the designers seem to have lost the plot towards the rear end of the car, but thankfully, that is not the case here. The rear is just as attractive as the front, if not more. Bits like the raked windshield and the boomerang tail lamps that gel nicely with the character lines keep the aggressiveness of the design alive.

Interiors and Features

Once inside, there is no escaping the fact that this is a low-cost car. To keep costs in check, Datsun has had to cut down on certain features like central locking, powered rear windows, day-night internal rear view mirror and a vanity mirror. There are exposed bits of metal in the front doors, but its something you can live with. Plus, they seem to have gotten the basics right. Clever engine packaging, slim seats, and slim door linings ensure there is ample space for four full-sized adults in the cabin. Datsun has gone with a light colours scheme for the dashboard and the cabin. The layout is elegant with neat touches like black highlights on the centre console multiple storage spaces.

You get a Basic instrument cluster that has been intelligently designed. It houses a large speedometer, digital tachometer with fuel gauge and Also shows Distance-To-Empty, average fuel economy, instant fuel economy, odd and trip readings. As we mentioned earlier, the Redi-GO is a bit of a tall-boy, which means the seat height is on the higher side resulting in good under thigh support and knee room at the back, apart from the obvious implication of making ingress and egress easy. Quite obviously, it is not a very feature-rich cabin, so all you get is an average-sounding audio system, a surprisingly effective aircon, front power windows, driver side airbag and a 12 V port for charging. A no-nonsense, comfortable cabin is what most customers in this segment look for and that is exactly what the Datsun redi-GO offers.

Engine Performance

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The Redi Go shares its engine with the Renault Kwid

As a result of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, the redi-GO is based on the same ‘CMF-A’ platform as the Renault Kwid and shares the exact same engine and transmission. Even the power and torque outputs are identical and, at 25.17 kmpl, so is the claimed fuel mileage. The refined 799 cc motor puts the 54 PS and 72 Nm on hand to good use pulling the car from 0-60 km/h with ease. Things slow down a bit post the 60 km/h mark, but within the confines of the city the performance is ample. The 5-speed manual does require frequent gear shifts at lower speeds, but its smoothness and light nature of the clutch keeps the resultant fatigue in check. While the engine is peppy and free revving, it tends to get a bit whiny at higher RPMs.

Ride, Handling & Braking

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The Redi GO also benefits from good lane changing manners

We drove the redi GO around a fair bit in the city and over all sorts of roads and came back mighty impressed with the way the Datsun redi-GO tackled potholes and undulations. At higher speeds, the suspension stiffens up a bit, which ensures stability at speeds north of 100 km/h. Although the redi-GO rides a bit high, body roll has been very well contained. Handling is certainly impressive and compliments the peppy motor. The Redi GO also benefits from good lane changing manners and ample steering feedback. Braking is something that leaves us wanting for more. Although it gets power assisted brakes, it does require more than usual effort on the pedals and lacks the bite we would have liked. You get used to it after driving the redi-GO for sometime, but we would have liked some more braking performance. Kolkata has its fair share of narrow streets and that helped highlight the redi-GO’s tight running radius, which meant making u-turns and fitting into tight parking spots wasn’t much of a bother.


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Datsun has launched the Redi-Go at an ultra competitive starting price of INR 2.39 Lakhs. This makes the Redi-Go the most affordable car in its segment. The low price tag means that the Datsun redi-GO misses out on certain essential features, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. It will undoubtedly turn a lot of heads thanks to its distinctive and attractive styling, at least until Datsun achieves its goal of getting a large number of redi-GOs on the road. A peppy engine, decent ride and handling and a high seating position mean the driving experience, especially in the urban environment, is pretty satisfying. However, it will rival some big names like the Maruti Alto 800 and Renault Kwid, which, by no means, is something that can be ignored. That said, it has the chops to pull buyers away from its competitors and give the Alto and Kwid a tough time.


  • Attractive Price Tag
  • Modern Styling
  • High driving position with good visibility
  • Well tuned suspension and high ground clearance
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Peppy performance
  • Spacious interiors
  • Affordable price tag
  • Optional driver side airbag for safety
  • Effective air conditioning
  • Short turning radius


  • Brakes take some effort to apply, brake assist could have been better
  • Lack of features
  • Exposed metal panels on inside of doors

Datsun Redi GO Test Drive Review Video

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