Watch a Tesla Go Up Against the MIGHTY Nissan GT-R in Drag Race

Have you ever wondered who would win a race between a high-performance internal combustion engine and an electric powertrain? The answer might surprise you.

Here is a short little video clip of a Tesla in a drag race against the Nissan GT-R. Now, it is not every day that we see a competition between an internal combustion engine and an electric powertrain. Everyone is aware of the privilege of the instant torque that is available with a tap of the foot in electric vehicles. On the other hand, internal combustion cars can’t be calibrated in such a manner due to emission restrictions. The Nissan GT-R is regarded as one of the most advanced performance cars ever since its launch back in 2007. The exclusive engineering technology developed by Nissan made it an extremely capable performance car. It was among the best in the world at the time. It still continues to be a great performance car even with the competition from other prominent brands.

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Tesla is a born electric vehicle. Electric cars are extremely quick because electric motors don’t need time to develop power. Everything happens in an instant. That is also the reason why EVs have such quick 0-100 km/h acceleration times. What happens when the best of the ICE world goes up against the best of the EV world? Well, let us find out through a video.

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Tesla GT-R Drag Race

Tesla GT-R Drag Race

At the beginning of the video clip, both the cars give full throttle to ensure a strong launch. The Nissan GT-R launches better but that lasts only milliseconds before Tesla’s instinct torque kicks in. Just after a couple of seconds, the Tesla overtakes the GT-R and remains ahead throughout the entire duration of the drag race. Once Tesla goes ahead, there is no chance for the GT-R to ever come close. This is the typical behaviour of EVs. There is no lag in throttle response in the EVs which is the reason why the modern generation is so enamoured by them. The ICE-powered cars not only lack such quick responses but also cause pollution. The EVs just need to be a bit more affordable for people to mass adopt them. That will happen with time. Hence, the future certainly belongs to EVs.

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