Drunk Men Dance Atop Moving Maruti Ertiga, Cops Slap Fine of Rs 20,000

We come across quite a few hilarious but dangerous acts by drunk people and this one involving a Maruti Ertiga certainly qualifies

In a bizarre turn of events, drunk men were seen dancing on a Maruti Ertiga in Ghaziabad. This stupid and dangerous act has been recorded by the onlookers and posted on Twitter. People tagged the Ghaziabad police asking them to take strong action against these miscreants. This is a great example of we must contribute towards making our roads safe by reporting such dangerous activities to the authorities. Police swung into action and slapped a challan along with Rs 20,000 fine on these men.

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Drunk Men Dancing On Maruti Ertiga

The video clip has been uploaded on NDTV’s YouTube channel. According to the report, this incident took place on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway in Ghaziabad which is visibly busy. The men are seen dancing on the moving car roof. In a few moments, the driver comes out and the man who was dancing on the roof comes to the driver’s seat to drive. The other person sits beside him on the passenger seat. Now, there are so many issues with this. Not only was dancing on the roof of a car on a busy highway extremely dangerous, the drunk man, then driving the vehicle is even more concerning. Needless to say, there are so many charges waiting to be slapped on these careless men.

drunk men dancing maruti ertiga

Police Issues E-Challan

Once the case reached the Ghaziabad Police via Twitter, they responded promptly. Acknowledging the information, they soon caught the car by tracking the number which was visible in the video sent to the police. They issued a fine of Rs 20,000 and uploaded the detailed documents of the e-challan on Twitter. the charges under which the men were booked included MV Act 184, without registration or suspended or cancelled registration driven vehicle, disobedience of any direction lawful given by the authority, violation of prescribed standards in relation to air pollution and passenger standing on footboard.

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This is a great response by the police ensuring that the local public is able to rely on them. It gives out a clear indication that such stupid and dangerous acts won’t go unpunished. We hope that people stop doing such activities and common sense prevails.

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