Drunk Range Rover Driver Kills Man; Shows No Remorse

The two women in the Range Rover show no signs of remorse or empathy after killing a driver of a parked car on the side of the road and injuring his family.

In a shocking road incident, two women driving their fancy Range Rover in a drunk state ended up killing a man who had parked his car on the side of the road, while injuring his wife and children. What is even more heartbreaking and enraging to see is the fact that the two women are absolutely clueless and unapologetic about what they had done. Instead, they are blaming the deceased and arguing with the police.

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Range Rover Women Hit A Car Killing Driver

The terrible accident is reported from somewhere near Ambala, Haryana. Allegedly, the woman driving the Range Range was in a state of inebriation and was at very high speed. The ill-fated family was inside the car on the side of the road enjoying a glass of juice. Suddenly, the woman driver of the luxury SUV lost control and was unable to stop. The resulting crash is difficult to watch even in still images. The entire rear section of the Honda Brio has been compressed killing the man of the family instantly. The children and the woman in the car sustained serious injuries. The Range Rover, despite being such a rugged SUV with a sturdy body has suffered significant damage on the front left side. However, the two drunk women didn’t face any injuries.

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What is even more shocking in all of this is the fact that these two women are full of attitude even after committing murder due to negligence. They are seen commanding the police personnel at the police stations and refusing to take the alcohol test. The driver is seen bragging about waiting for her lawyer and parents. She is not cooperating with the police at all. Instead, she is heard blaming the deceased accusing them of parking at the wrong spot. The two women, who are from Panipat, have been accused by women policemen of misbehaving and attacking them. One of the lady cops alleged that the duo even ripped off her badges from the uniform.

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drunk range rover driver kills man
A Range Rover in the hands of a drunk driver hit another car, thereby killing one and injuring other occupats.

Such a lack of fear for the law and abuse of money and power is painful to watch. To see how insensitive and entitled these idiot children of rich people consider themselves to be is simply beyond reason. We hope that these spoilt brats are punished according to the law as soon as possible. Maybe they get the sense of what they have done. Speaking on the incident, Suraj Kumar, a police officer, said, “We are awaiting lab reports to verify if the driver was drunk. The other woman was let off, but can be called again if the allegations that the two misbehaved with cops are verified.”

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