Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo

Following is the list of the top 12 electric vehicles showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Electric Vehicles are being posed as the green alternative to the fossil fuel counterpart. The Indian government has been aggressively pushing their schemes in order to achieve the all-electric goal of 2030. The government even passed a tender to procure 10,000 electric vehicles which were bagged by Mahindra and Tata. The initial batch of the aforementioned tender has been delivered in the form of e-Verito and Tigor electric sedans. While these instances prove healthy for our environment, the shift to electric comes with its fair share of potholes and speed breakers. One such instance is the government taking a step back in introducing electric vehicle policy claiming there’s no requirement for one. As we head to our greener future, following are the best of electric vehicles and concepts showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. Read along.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Mercedes EQ Concept

Mercedes EQ Concept

The Mercedes EQ concept debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. Holding the centre stage at the Mercedes pavilion, the EQ concept features aesthetically appealing exteriors with several futuristic inputs. The distinguishing feature on the outside is the front black grille that encapsulates the entire front including the headlights and the backlit Mercedes logo. While electric cars are infamous for being slow, this one’s no slouch as Mercedes claims a total power output of around 400 bhp and a promising driving range of around 500 km on a single charge. Powering the motors is a lithium-ion battery pack that resides between the axles. The battery pack was designed by the company itself. Despite the extra weight from the battery, the powerful motors push the EQ concept from standstill to 100 kph in under 5 seconds.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Tata RaceMo Electric

tata tamo racemo electric vehicle images

Tata debuted the RacMo sports car at the Geneva Motor Show last year. This year at the 2018 Auto Expo the company showcased an all-electric version of the same. The electric RaceMo has been named “RaceMo +-“. The RaceMo +- is powered by an electric motor that churns out 200 bhp of maximum power. The lithium-ion battery pack that resides in the RaceMo +- allows the car to travel for 350 km on a single charge. The two-seater sports car is otherwise powered by a 1.2-litre engine placed behind the seats, in the middle of the car. The under 4-meter sports car boasts a power output of 186 bhp of power and 210 Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed AMT transmission with paddle shifters. While the 0-100 kph sprint number of the electric RaceMo is unknown, its petrol-powered counterpart does the same in under 6 seconds. The RaceMo platform is built on a special body that has Tata’s MOFlex multi-material sandwich structure. Tata officials claim that this new structure allows for a ‘structural technology that enables greater freedom in surface design, efficient large-scale part integration leading to modularity and faster time to market’.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Hyundai Ioniq

2017 Hyundai Ioniq (3)

The Hyundai Ioniq is a niche product specifically targeted at developed markets like the USA and Europe. In the international market, the Ioniq competes with the likes of Toyota Prius. Available to order in three guises, Petrol, Petrol plus electric hybrid and electric, the Ioniq is sure a very versatile car. The Ioniq EV showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo has not been confirmed for the Indian market rather the company is evaluating it for the nation. Powering the Ioniq EV is an electric motor that makes 118 bhp of max power and 295 Nm of max torque. The powerful motor is capable of pushing the electric sedan from standstill to 100 kph in 10.2 seconds and to a top speed of 165 kph. The lithium-ion battery pack holds enough charge for the Ioniq EV to be driven to around 280 km on a single charge. If Hyundai actually launches the Ioniq EV, we expect the company to take the CKD route and assemble the electric vehicle in India.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Renault Trezor Concept EV

Renault Trezor concept EV

The Renault Trezor Concept was initially showcased at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Besides showcasing the future design language of the automaker, the concept boasts of its electric prowess. The sleek design of the electric grand tourer features a carbon fibre body with red glazing to provide a contrasting sporty theme. The electric grand tourer borrows its powertrain from the Formula E car. The electric motor combined produce a maximum power output of 348 bhp and 380 Nm of max torque. The motors power the rear wheel and those alone propel the EV from standstill to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds. This being an EV targetted at being sporty rather than daily commute, Renault officials have not shared the range it holds in a single charge. The engineers at Renault have fitted the concept with two air-cooled battery packs both of which are evenly divided on each axle for optimum weight distribution. Do not expect this concept to go into production in India anytime soon or rather at all.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – BMW i3s

BMW i3s

The BMW “i” lineup marks the electric vehicles sold by the company. While BMW launched the i series with the i8 hybrid sports car, the i3 is the all-electric premium compact hatchback the world yearns for. The i3 is the highest selling car in its segment and is widely accepted for its compact dimensions, green mobility and futuristic features. For BMW is associated with creating sport focussed vehicles, its customers were demanding for a more powerful version of the i3 as well. The updated i3s was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo that boasts a power output of 181 bhp and 269 Nm of max torque. The updates in the drivetrain include a modified motor control and specific taper roller bearings, which amount to the increase in power and optimize power delivery and performance curve at higher rpm. At max power output, the BMW i3s represents an improvement of up to 20 percent over the normal i3. The BMW i3s is expected to be launched in India but with few takers, the company might just choose to bring it in as CBU.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Suzuki e-Survivor

maruti e survivor all new-gypsy images

The best of the lot award goes to the Suzuki e-Survivor concept. Initially showcased at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the electric concept revolves around the use of electric vehicles for off-road runs. Overtime Suzuki has delivered various successful compact off-roaders like the Jimny and the Vitara. The e-Survivor concept features four in-wheel electric motors for perfect torque vectoring. The two-seater concept showcases the future design language of upcoming Suzuki compact off-roaders. The front fascia, in fact, looks right out of the Jimny book of design with its circular LED headlights and illuminated front grille. The electric concept features electrically retractable running boards amongst other futuristic features. The short overhang over the front and the back is sure to give the e-Survivor prowess over any terrain you wish to conquer with it.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Uniti Electric Car

Uniti One Concept

Hidden in a corner of the Hall 1 A was the Uniti Electric Car Concept. Uniti is a Swedish automaker that has tied up with Bird Automotive to produce the tiny electric car in India. Uniti will be the technology leader in this project while Bird Automotive is said to handle the rest. The bookings for the two-seaters electric car have already begun with the deliveries starting in the year 2020. The company is also expected to launch a 5 seater version by 2020. No comments from the officials about the manufacturing, assembly of the electric cars in India as the plans are yet to be finalised.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Emflux One

Emflux One rear

The fastest electric vehicle on display at the 2018 Auto Expo has to be the Emflux one. The Bengaluru based startup Emflux Motors unveiled their first product concept at the expo, promising production-ready electric bike to hit the market in less than 18 months. The co-founder Mr Varun Mittal commented that the Emflux One is 70 percent production ready and that they are testing the bike extensively with the company’s main focus being safety and connectivity. The electric bike boasts of its powerful motors that propel the bike from 0-100 kmph in under 3 seconds while hitting a top speed of 200 kmph. The powerful lithium-ion battery pack also allows the rider to go up to 200 km on a single charge. The Emflux One employs lithium-ion batteries from Samsung coupled with a 60W motor that drives the rear wheel. With only 199 bikes to be ever made, the Emflux One might be sold out within minutes if not seconds. The electric bike is reported to go on sale starting April 2019 and will sport a price of around INR 6 lakh. The top-spec version of the electric bike will sport Ohlins suspensions, brakes by Brembo and single-sided swingarm. An option of carbon fibre bodywork will also be available to its customers.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – UM Renegade Thor

The American two-wheeler manufacturer United Motors a.k.a. UM released their first electric bike for India at the 2018 Auto Expo. Named Renegade Thor, the electric bike will go on sale in the year 2020 with prices starting from INR 4.9 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. The Thor will offer its customers three options to choose from, the only difference being the size of the battery pack. The low range 7.6 kWh battery pack will allow its rider a range of up to 80 km, a mid-range 15 kWh battery pack will offer a range of 149 km while the top end variant will host a 27 kWh battery pack that will hold a range of up to 270 km. The UM Renegade Thor boasts a top speed of 185 kmph.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Menza Lucat

Menza Lucat Concept

The Ahmedabad based tech startup, Menza Motors launched their first electric bike in India called the Menza Lucat at the 2018 Auto Expo. The Menza Lucat is priced at INR 2.8 lakh and that marks just the starting of the range. The Lucat is a highly customisable product with the owners getting to choose the body type, seat height and even the footpeg position according to their individual choice. The Lucat is also offered with carbon fibre bodywork but only as an optional extra. Powering the Lucat is an 18 kW motor that gives the electric bike a top speed of up to 120 kmph. Since the bike is electric, there’s no transmission and the power is fed directly to the rear wheel. The Lucat offers its customers a LED headlight along with a large, tablet type, touchscreen instrument panel with added connectivity and functionality. The Lucat is available to pre-order at Paytm Mall app for a sum of INR 10,000. The Lucat houses a 72V lithium-ion battery pack that gives it a range of 100 km in the city and up to 150 km out on the highway.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – Twenty Two Flow

FLOW Launch

Twenty-Two Motors is another Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that made its debut at the 2018 Auto Expo. Their first product, the Flow electric scooter is priced at INR 74,740 ex-showroom. The Flow encapsulates a DC motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack which can be fully charged in just 5 hours using a normal socket. The battery pack offers a range of about 80 km on a single charge while offering a top speed of 60 kmph. The Flow features a futuristic fully digital instrument cluster and the company boasts about its various connectivity options, some of which, include tracking of the whereabouts of the scooter. The practicality part of the scooter offers plenty of under seat storage with enough space for two helmets. Other features offered on the electric scooter include reverse mode, cruise control, drag mode that enables the user to walk alongside the scooter in case of a puncture. The scooter boasts of an SOS function as well that enables the user to send out information automatically in case of an emergency. The Flow electric scooter will go on sale starting mid-2018.

Electric Vehicles @ 2018 Auto Expo – TVS Creon

tvs zeplin and creon concepts

TVS presented the best looking futuristic electric sports scooter called the Creon concept. TVS officials claim a sprint to 100 kmph in just 5.1 seconds and boast a range of 80 km on a single charge. The Creon concept features sharp design language with the vertical LED bar for the headlight. The sports scooter looks like a scooter from the front but like a mini sports bike from the rear. The Creon is powered by three lithium-ion batteries which together are capable of delivering 12 kW of instantaneous power. Since the Creon is simply a concept, we wouldn’t get our hopes high of this making its way to the market yet. If TVS actually takes the electric scooter to production, it will require at least two years before it’s launched.

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming electric vehicles in India.