As Ford Stops Production, What Happens to EcoSports Facing DPF Issue?

The situation with the DPF issue in Ford EcoSport and Figo just doesn’t seem to slow down. The exit plan of Ford isn’t giving it any relief because of the constant reminder from the Ford owners regarding the challenges they are facing due to the DPF issue. It first came to light after Ford introduced the BS6 versions of its diesel products in the country. The American auto giant had to equip all its diesel cars with a DPF to control the emissions. But the maintenance of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is not easy at all. That is what people are currently struggling with. There are more and more instances coming to light every day with a similar issue. Ford has promised all the customers in India (over a million) that it will continue with the warranty, maintenance, service and spare parts of all the vehicles for the foreseeable future.

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Ford EcoSport DPF Issue

Ford EcoSport DPF Issue

In yet another case, a Ford EcoSport owner has posted on the Owners’ Club page on Facebook that he keeps getting the DPF error in his car time and time again. He is a city dweller and the DPF error symbol keeps popping up on his instrument cluster every 20 days which is bizarre. The only way to remove it is to drive the car on a highway at a constant speed of 60-80 kmph around 1500-2000 RPM for about 25 mins. This, as one would imagine, is hard to achieve in real-world driving. Also, if one goes from home to office daily, he can’t spare time just to go on a highway to clean the DPF. The owner had already taken the car to the service centre 6 times in a brief span of 4 months. This is completely ridiculous that Ford doesn’t have any permanent solution for this and the customers are suffering to the point where they are forced to sell their Ford products.

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bs6 ford ecosport dpf issue

Ford has completely shut down the production of all its products in India. However, it has not packed its bags and left India but rather operates as a niche player with imported products. This includes the likes of Mustang, Mach-E and Ranger or Raptor Pick Up Trucks in times to come. But with almost all the dealers shutting down, getting service done in smaller cities will be an issue.

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