New 2016 Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Tata Zest

New 2016 Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Tata Zest Spec Sheet Comparo

Compact sedans are currently among the most popular vehicles in the country. 2015 saw the launch of the Ford Figo Aspire and the Dzire facelift and AMT models. This year, Honda has launched the facelifted Amaze, whcih memeans competition has intensified in the compact sedan space. The segment is currently being ruled by the Maruti Swift Dzire with the rest battling it out for the remanining spots. Does that mean the Maruti Dzire is the best compact sedan on sale? Or are the recently updated Amaze , Figo Aspire, Xcent or Zest better than the segment leader? Find out here, in our 2016 Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Tata Zest comparison story.

2016 Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Maruti Swift Dzire

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All the cars in this comparison have been derived from existing hatchbacks, so it is really a case of how well they have managed to integrate a boot. In India, the new Figo was first showcased in the concept form as a sedan at the 2014 Auto Expo suggesting that the hatchback and sedan forms were developed simultaneously. A fact that is clearly evident in the design as the Figo Aspire looks like a well-proportioned sedan, something that is missing from the other three. Honda and Tata have also done a very good job of integrating a stubby boot section into the Brio and Bolt‘s body respectively. Honda recently updated the Amaze sedan and the facelift now looks more mature. Derived from the Grand i10, the Xcent gets a larger boot than the rest, but it does not work too well with the overall design. The Maruti Dzire is least appealing of the lot in terms of looks as the short, stubby addition to the back of the Swift looks a bit awkward.

Moving on to the interiors you will find that barring the facelifted Amaze, the other sedans stay true to their hatchback origins. The Amaze gets all new interiors with a new instrument console similar to the Honda Jazz. It also manages to impress when it comes legroom, headroom and boot space, departments where the Maruti Swift Dzire falls short of the competition. The highlight of the Hyundai Xcent’s interior is the cabin layout and quality which feels a class above the rest. The Ford Figo Aspire gets interiors similar to the EcoSport and Fiesta with a very striking looking, in-your-face centre console. Tata’s new design direction has given the Zest very smart interiors with high levels of quality which is very impressive.


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[box type=”success” ]The simple design of the Ford Figo Aspire works very well making it one of the better-looking cars of the five. The Maruti Swift Dzire and Hyundai Xcent lag behind in terms of looks.[/box]


The Ford Figo Aspire gets some unique features such as side and curtain airbags in addition to dual front airbags and a phone docking system for the lower spec variants, which utilises the device for music, navigation while it is on charge. The Tata Zest gets a touchscreen audio system, LED daytime running lights, projector headlamps, LED tail lamps, features which are not offered by any other manufacturer. The Hyundai Xcent gets some unique features as well; rear parking camera, cooled glove box, 1GB on board storage and rear AC vents. With the launch of the 2016 model, the Honda Amaze now features automatic climate control and Bluetooth, features which the pre-facelift model missed out on.

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2016 Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Maruti Swift Dzire Tata Zest Front Fog Lamp
The Tata Zest is the only sedan which comes with LED DRLs and Projector headlamps

[box type=”success” ]The Tata Zest and the Ford Figo Aspire lead the way in terms of features, followed closely by the Hyundai Xcent and Maruti Dzire. The Honda Amaze lags behind thanks to a disappointing list of features.[/box]


2016 Honda Amaze vs Ford Figo Aspire vs Maruti Swift Dzire Ford-Figo-Aspire-gearshift-pics
Ford Figo Aspire comes with a 6-speed automatic


Ford Figo AspireMaruti Swift DzireHonda AmazeTata ZestHyundai Xcent
Displacement1.2 litre/1.5 litre1.2 litre1.2 litre1.2 litre1.2 litre
Power86.8 bhp/ 110.5 bhp85bhp87bhp/89bhp89bhp81bhp
Torque112 Nm/ 136.3 Nm114Nm109Nm/110Nm140Nm114Nm
Efficiency*18.6 kpl/ 17 kpl19.1kmpl(manual)/17.4kmpl(automatic)17.8kmpl (manual)/18.1kmpl (automatic)17.6kmpl (manual)19.2kmpl (manual)/16.1kmpl (automatic)
Transmission5-speed manual/6-speed automatic5-speed manual/4-speed automatic5-speed manual/CVT5-speed manual5-speed manual/4-speed automatic


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Ford Figo AspireMaruti Swift DzireHonda AmazeTata ZestHyundai Xcent
Displacement1.5 litre1.3 litre1.5 litre1.3 litre1.1 litre
Power98.6 bhp74bhp99bhp74bhp/89bhp71bhp
Torque215 Nm190Nm200Nm190Nm/200Nm180Nm
Efficiency*25.83 kpl23.4kmpl25.8kmpl23kmpl (manual)/23kmpl(automatic)24.4kmpl
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual/5-speed AMT5-speed manual5-speed manual/5-speed automatic(AMT)5-speed manual


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The Ford Figo Aspire comes with a dual clutch 6-speed automatic transmission option with the range-topping 1.5 litre petrol motor. Honda has added a petrol CVT to the Amaze’s lineup. However, the Tata Zest and the Swift Dzire are the only cars available with a diesel automatic option.

[box type=”success” ]The Ford Figo Aspire gets powerful and fuel-efficient units. It also comes with a range-topping 1.5 litre petrol with a 6-speed dual clutch automatic, a segment first. The Tata Zest and the Swift Dzire are the only diesel automatics on sale. [/box]


Ford Figo AspirePetrolDiesel
AmbienteINR 5.16 lakhsINR 6.16 lakhs
TrendINR 5.89 lakhsINR 6.89 lakhs
TitaniumINR 6.78 lakhsINR 7.78 lakhs
Titanuim+INR 7.33 lakhsINR 8.33 lakhs
Petrol 1.5 L
TitaniumINR 7.88 lakhs
Maruti Swift DzirePetrolDiesel
LXi/LDiINR 5.19 lakhsINR 5.99 lakhs
LXi(O)INR 5.23 lakhs
LXi/LDi ABSINR 5.43 lakhsINR 6.19 lacs
VXi/VDiINR 5.98 lakhsINR 6.95 lakhs
VXi/VDi ABSINR 6.18 lakhsINR 7.07 lakhs
VXi AMTINR 6.77 lakhs
VXi AMT ABSINR 6.97 lakhs
ZXi/ZDiINR 6.93 lakhsINR 7.91 lakhs
ZDi AMT –INR 8.40 lakhs
Honda AmazePetrolDiesel
EINR 5.30 lakhsINR 6.42 lakhs
SINR 5.95 lakhsINR 7.30 lakhs
SXINR 6.81 lakhsINR 7.82 lakhs
S ATINR 7.20 lakhs
VXINR 7.20 lakhsINR 8.20 lakhs
VX ATINR 8.20 lakhs
Tata ZestPetrolDiesel
XEINR 5.03 lakhsINR 6.05 lakhs
XMINR 5.69 lakhsINR 6.79 lakhs
XMSINR 5.89 lakhsINR 7.00 lakhs
XMA (Auto)INR 7.52 lakhs
XTINR 6.47 lakhsINR 7.55 lakhs
XTA (Auto)INR 8.34 lacs
Hyundai XcentPetrolDiesel
Base INR 5.31 lakhs INR 6.12 lakhs
 INR 5.95 lakhs INR 6.79 lakhs
SX INR 6.34 lakhs INR 7.18 lakhs
SX(O) INR 7.02 lakhsINR 7.86 lakhs
SX (O) ATINR 7.77 lakhs

all prices ex-showroom, New Delhi

Although the automatic 1.5 L petrol variant of the Figo is more expensive than the rest of the petrol automatics and even the Zest diesel auto, bear in mind that it is a much more powerful 110.5 bhp 1.5 litre motor mated to a 6-speed dual clutch automatic. Honda has added a CVT petrol variant to the Amaze’s lineup.

[box type=”shadow” ]Ford Figo’s pricing is aggressive and manages to undercut all of its rival’s pricing making it very good value for money.[/box]


Ford seems to have gotten most things right with the Figo Aspire, and the pricing also manages to undercut its chief rivals. It’s got the looks, features and being a Ford, driving dynamics are well sorted too. However, competition is very tough and getting ahead of the likes of the Maruti Dzire, Honda Amaze and Hyundai Xcent is not easy as was recently demonstrated by the Tata Zest. Despite being a better car in terms of design, features, space and pricing the Zest has not been able to overtake the three in terms of sales. Ford enjoys a much better brand image and the company has also committed itself to enhancing maintenance and after sales service. The Hyundai Xcent is a very capable product and scores well in terms of space, styling and interior fit and finish.

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