Four Things Bhavish Aggarwal Can Do To Make OLA Electric The Best!

The Ola Electric has been in news for a long time now but the start-up has faced several challenges over the course of its journey to disrupt the traditional ICE-powered scooters.

Bhavish Aggarwal at Ola Electric has been planning to disrupt the two-wheeler EV space in India. It created a lot of buzz when the bookings began. However, Ola Electric met with severe challenges along the way when it could commence the deliveries on time. As a matter of fact, the final product that was given to the media for test runs also had multiple issues. It seemed like there is still a lot of work to be done in order for the e-scooter to be market worthy. But the promises to start delivering have gone down the drain. With so many issues lurking around the EV maker, here are some ways to deal with such situations according to a YouTuber.

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Bhavish Aggarwal Must Fix These Things At Ola Electric

There are still quite a few challenges for the entire automobile industry globally. This includes the semi-conductor supply shortage. It is an essential component in all modern automobiles, but more so in EVs. Ola is citing it as one of the reasons for the delay in deliveries. Other challenges include a lack of interactive communication. People have booked their scooters and now want to get in touch with the company to check the status of the process. However, Ola Electric communicate only through standard emails. Only the people who have paid the booking amount receive accurate responses. Secondly, there is no proper confirmation from the EV maker regarding the deliveries of the e-scooters.

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Bhavish Aggarwal Ola Electric

In some more critical issues, Ola has been accused of offering their employees salary hikes to make them stay and not understanding the work conditions the employees are put through. Some of the chief executive officers have already quit Ola Electric for this same reason. Last, but not least, the product itself is lacking in many ways. The most important aspect of any modern EV is the software. While testing the Ola Scooters, the drivers found that the software was not functioning properly. There were inaccurate readings, the throttle stopped working while driving. These are safety issues and could create a lot of problems if they happen while riding. A company that wants to be a market leader must fix these basic issues if they want to taste any success.

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