Free Import Policy on Vintage Cars


Now the Vintage and classic car fans can delight. The Director General of foreign trade has decided to free the Vintage and Classic cars from importing duties. Earlier the Import duty was restricted now it is free for the actual users. This import duty is only lifted up from the cars which are manufactured before 1950. The owners of these foreign cars are known as the ‘Actual Users’.

On the other hand it can be said that the Import of ‘right hand drive ‘cars can be easily done. As per aired news we would predictably say that there is a left over information about Import duties still to come from the authorized officials.

Vintage Cars on display at Jai Mahal, Jaipur at 15th Vintage and Classic Car Rally

This lifting up of the Import duties will open the doors for vintage cars to come back to India again. The updations of price can be expected to happen if car sales happened to India. The interesting thing is that now the actual users of the car are allowed to sale the car with direct effect.
The car market for the vintage cars was badly effected as because the prices used to touch skies and people were not able to buy them. There was another reason behind the de gradation of the market and that was the imbalance of supply and demands of the vintage and classic cars. Models like Minis Mustangs and Beetles were very highly priced. Now as scene are changing so Indian consumers can get assured that now they will be going to get competitive prices and broad range of cars.