Girl on Bike Kicks Another Biker, Falls Off Herself – VIDEO

A viral video shows a girl riding pillion on a bike falling off as she tries to kick another girl on a bike. Most netizens opine she deserved it

A video that has gone viral shows what instant karma is all about. Basically, it’s all about trying to sabotage another human’s life but getting yourself in danger instead. Of course, videos of such incidents give internet users a field day. Here, have a look – 

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girl kicks biker falls herself
Soon after the video went viral, several netizens commented that the girl totally deserved the fall, while others explained the physics behind the episode.

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In the above video, you can see two two-wheelers riding alongside each other. It’s not known if the people on these vehicles knew each other or had some issues with each other. However, a girl riding pillion on one of the bikes is seen kicking the other bike. It looks like she wanted the other rider to lose balance and fall. However, that’s not what happened. 

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Instead, the girl who tried to disturb the balance of the other biker loses balance herself. Next moment, she finds herself falling off her own vehicle. Thankfully, she didn’t sustain any serious injury. But what’s for sure is that she would have not anticipated any sort of risk in trying to make another biker fall. The entire episode was caught on tape and uploaded on the web. Soon, internet users around the world had a field day laughing at the girl who fell off the bike. Many thought she deserved the fall. One netizen wrote,’Instant Karma’. Some people got reminded of Road Rash, a famous PC game of the 90s. Another user pointed out, “That bag saved her back.”

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Netizens Explain Physics Behind the Episode

Some internet users even wrote about the role that physics played in this incident. One gentleman wrote,“Issac Newton is smiling in his grave right now.” To this, another netizen added, “Looks like the garbage girl dint study physics p=mv.” Yet another user mentioned, “I guess Newton’s third law is the main culprit here.” Some even noted how both the motorcycle riders kept riding without caring about the girl’s fall. In fact, almost everybody felt that the girl totally deserved the fall. 

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