Helmet AC is Perfect for Bikers in Heatwave-Hit India

Bike enthusiasts are always coming up with cool hacks for long rides. Now, a Bengaluru man has designed an ‘air-conditioned’ Harley Davidson helmet.

Bike culture is growing at a rapid pace in India. You can find a group of bikers almost everywhere. Motorbikes have moved beyond a cheap source of a daily commute. However, certain problems are faced by every bike rider, the biggest being the Indian weather. Bike enthusiasts are always coming up with solutions for the extreme heat and cold conditions in India. Now, a Bengaluru-based man has created a helmet air conditioner to keep you cool during your rides. Let’s look at the deyails.

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As you can see in the video above, Mr. Sandeep Dahiya has created a Harley Davidson air-conditioned helmet called ‘Vatanukul’.The cooling mechanism allows the rider to lower the temperature (up to 12 degrees lower than the outside temperature). However, it can also be increased if needed. The AC unit is connected to the helmet and worn by the rider like a small backpack (almost 1.8kg). This external device draws 12 volts of current from the bike battery to offer to cool. This ‘air-conditioner’ uses solid-state cooling and does not require any water. In future variants, the AC can be used for jackets as well.

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Harley Davidson Helmet Air Conditioner

Mr. Sandeep Dahiya is a mechanical engineer and has owned a Harley Davidson for a decade now. It took him almost 4.5 years of work to come up with the ‘air-conditioned’ helmet. With ‘Vatanukul’ he aims to smoothen the bike riding experience without compromising on safety. Riders don’t have to deal with sweat and suffocation due to the helmet anymore. He claims that this hardware can be retrofitted into any helmet. The total weight added to the helmet is only up to 150 grams. The new AC helmet will be offered through AeeDEA. The company already provides products like an adjustable silencer, a windshield with modifiable height, etc. Tell us what you think about this Harley Davidson Helmet Air Conditioner.

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