This Hindustan Contessa was Restored After 16 Years of Rusting!

After lying around a garbage dump for 16 years, this Hindustan Contessa received a stunning transformation job by a garage called Modsters and what a transformation, really! You could even pit it against a Mustang.

Among the Hindustan Ambassadors and Premier Padminis, if there was one another car which really stood out in the 90s and is still fondly remembered today, it would be the Hindustan Contessa. The Hindustan Contessa is even regarded as the first muscle car of India and thanks to the cult status that this car has enjoyed, it is not very difficult to come across a well preserved example of the Contessa even today. Its in fact quite a popular vehicle among car collectors in India. Here however we have an example of a Contessa that was almost a junk car until it was turned into something quite sensational.

This is a Hindustan Contessa that was restored after 16 years of rusting.
This is a Hindustan Contessa that was restored after 16 years of rusting.

This crazy transformation job has been done by a garage called the ‘Modsters’. When found, this particular Hindustan Contessa was rusted to its core. It was abandoned near a garbage dump and it had been out in the open for years. All the body parts including the interiors and the mechanicals were completely rusted. All the four doors and fenders could not even be reused for the transformation due to rust. The folks at Modsters thus went back to the drawing board and sketched out a brand new design for the car.

Almost all the body panels on the transformed car are completely new but its still fairly identifiable as a Contessa. We however have to admit that it looks like a muscle car more than ever after the transformation. The face gets new LED headlamps with a redesigned grille and there’s even a new metal bumper that has been welded on the face of this Contessa. The V-Shaped solid metal splitter at the front has actually been inspired from vintage steam locomotives and it gives the car a really mean look.

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In profile, the 17-inch alloy wheels really stand out for us. And you might even be able to identify these wheels as they come from BMW 5-Series. These wheels however would not fit into the original wheel wells. The wheel arches thus had to be modified and flared out to ensure that the wheels fit properly within them. The flared wheel arches also make the car look more beefy. The wheels have been painted in a smokey dark grey color and coupled with the Midnight black color on the rest of the car, you’l probably only miss it in absolute darkness.

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The interiors too had to be completely redone for this Hindustan Contessa. The interiors get an all new look with custom seats, leather upholstery and diamond stitching all around. Overall, the interiors too have been very tastefully done. It has taken over 400 man hours to completely rebuild this car and it is really desirable now than when it was lying rusting around in a dump yard. We wish more such abandoned cars receive such a glorious transformation.