How To Fix Car Door Rattles and Squeaks Permanently – VIDEO

Automobile Tips » How To Fix Car Door Rattles and Squeaks Permanently – VIDEO

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At some point in car ownership, we encounter rattling and squeaking noises from the car doors which is why it becomes important to know how to remedy the issue.

In this video, the YouTuber highlights how to tackle the rattling and squeaking noise from the car doors after long ownership. In fact, in some cases, cars can have this issue early on as well. Hence, it becomes critical to know some quick fixes and handy tips to remedy this issue at home. Hopefully, after reading this post and going through the video, you will be able to fix this issue yourself without the need to take the car to a mechanic who could end up charging exorbitant prices for it.

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Rattling and Squeaking Noise in Car Doors

This video has been created by Mundodi Vlogs on YouTube. He is a regular reader of Car Blog India and runs his YouTube channel where he features content around car hacks and automobile restorations. In this video, he addresses a poignant issue of rattling noises in a car. Mostly, these noises surface when the driver takes the car over a rough patch of road. Essentially, a lot of movement of the body shell ends up creating this noise.

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To correct that, you must ensure that the rubber sealing around the door frames remains moist. When it gets dry, it becomes brittle. As a result, it brushes against the metal of the car and causes noise. Proper and regular cleaning of these rubber using a micro-fibre cloth and WD-40 lubricant could help with the issue. Make sure to thoroughly reach the insides of the rubber too. This process needs to be repeated for every door including the boot compartment.

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Finally, the WD-40 must also be directly sprayed on the door hinges. They can often get slightly rusty. WD-40 will ensure that they remain lubricated and in a healthy state. However, you can clean the spills around the area as you don’t want the lubricant to be spilt all over the car seats and floor. We hope that this video will help you get rid of this seriously irritable issue.

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