This is How a Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Works

  • Some modern cars come with a tyre puncture repair kit instead of a spare tyre.
  • It becomes critical to understand how it works.
  • This video acts as a perfect guide to make people learn how to repair a punctured tyre.

This video demonstrates how a tyre puncture kit actually works. A lot of modern cars have started coming up with tyre puncture repair kits these days. The carmakers, in a bid to save some expenses, have stopped offering spare tyres. This also liberates more room in the boot compartment for the luggage. Also, since almost all tyres in new cars are tubeless, they are capable of driving for some distance even after being punctured. Therefore, the chances of you getting stranded on road are much lesser.

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How Tyre Puncture Kit Works?

The video has been uploaded by knobsdialsandbuttons on YouTube. For this demonstration, the YouTuber cuts a section of the tyre to make the viewers visualise how everything works inside the rubber. Also, to simulate a puncture, the YouTuber drills a hole in the tyre. Here are the steps to fix the puncture in a tyre:

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  • Use the reaming tool to clean and enlarge the hole to prepare for the plug strip.
  • To make the insertion process smooth, use lubricating material on the surface of the reaming tool.
  • The video shows how easy it makes the entire process.
  • Thereafter, you must place the plug strip almost halfway through the insertion tool.
  • Again, the lubricating material must be used to smoothen the process of putting the insertion tool in the puncture.
  • Remember to keep a tiny part of the plug strip outside the surface of the tyre.
  • Then, pull out the insertion tool quickly for the strip to get stuck to the hole in the tyre.
  • The plug strip neatly covers the hole in the tyre.
  • Finally, cut the extra plug strip off the surface of the tyre for a smooth drive.

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This is a straightforward process which you can learn easily. In this way, you will not struggle even if you are stuck alone on the road with a punctured tyre. Going by the latest trend, it is possible that more carmakers will make it common not to offer a spare tyre but a simple tyre puncture repair kit to save costs.

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Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Works
Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Works

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