Influencer ‘Tests’ Build Quality of Rs 1 Crore Land Rover Defender with Hammer!

  • Influencers these days have devised unique methods to produce entertaining content.
  • This time around, we have a ‘test’ of the build quality of the Land Rover Defender.
  • However, it is done using a hammer.

In the latest video, the build quality of the Land Rover Defender is being ‘tested’ by influencers. However, the method used for that is quite ridiculous. Land Rover Defender is a premium luxury SUV with immense off-roading capabilities. It is a preferred choice for a whole bunch of celebs around the world who are into off-roading adventures. Let us check out how these influencers tried to ‘test’ its build quality.

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Influencer hits Land Rover Defender with hammer to show how strong it is.
Influencer hits Land Rover Defender with hammer to show how strong it is.

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Build Quality of Land Rover Defender ‘Tested’

The video clip has been shared by _____ as YouTube Shorts. In it, a man is seen approaching the premium SUV with a hammer in his hand. In addition to that, he also has a screw-driver. First of all, he hits the bonnet of the Defender with the hammer. After a few hard blows, he uses the screwdriver to chip away the body of the SUV. He uses the screwdriver as a nail and hits it with a hammer trying to insert it into the bonnet.

After a few hard hits, the body of the SUV starts to chip away. In fact, the influencer keeps hitting the SUV relentlessly. After some time, a hole starts to develop on the bonnet of the Defender. He does the same thing at other places as well. At the end of the video clip, there are two prominent marks on the body of the SUV caused by the hammer and screwdriver. We don’t understand the point this video clip has bee trying to make apart from the entertainment value.

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Not to be taken seriously

We must mention that these ‘testing’ methods are not to be taken seriously. Such content is aimed at entertaining the audiences alone. There is hardly any correlation with the actual build quality of any car. The real tests are conducted by designated authorities like NCAP. They test vehicles simulating real-life situations at high speeds. They also test the effectiveness and efficiency of the safety equipment on offer. Only those results must be taken seriously. Do share your thoughts on this.

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