Jaguar XKR with ‘VIP Number’ Kills Woman on Scooty

  • Countless incidents are reported each year where drivers are performing stunts on the roads.
  • They don’t seem bothered by the potential consequences of their negligence.
  • In this latest case, an innocent life was lost in the process.

In a tragic incident, a speeding Jaguar XKR hit a scooty on the side of the road killing the rider on the spot. Unfortunately, such careless accidents are rather common on our roads. Some people, it seems, are least bothered by what their actions can result in which is why they perform such stupid acts on the road. It is high time these idiots are punished for their crimes. That would be the first step toward tackling the issue of reckless driving. Here are the details of this latest incident.

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Jaguar XKR Hits Scooty

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. He posts such content in order to raise awareness among car buyers regarding the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings and their real-world performance in unfortunate events. Reportedly, this incident has surfaced from Noida. The Jaguar XKR in question wears a VIP number plate. As per the information in the video, he was allegedly racing with a Range Rover on a highway.

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In sector 96 of Noida, a woman, Deepika Tripathi, a receptionist at e-Square, was parking her scooty when the speeding Jaguar hit her from behind. As per the onlookers, the luxury sedan dragged her and her bike for quite some distance before coming to a halt. The impact was so intense that there was nothing left of the scooty and the front left side of the Jaguar also suffered heavy damage. The bystanders took the injured woman to the hospital nearby where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

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Driver an American Express Employee

The driver of the Jaguar, Samuel Andrew Pyster is an American Express Bank employee. After causing the accident, he fled the scene. However, after the Police investigation, he was arrested. We can only hope that justice is served as soon as possible. Also, we hope all road users remain mindful of the consequences of violating traffic rules and reckless driving. Do share your thoughts about this here.

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Speeding Jaguar XKR Hits a Scooty, Kills the Rider
Speeding Jaguar XKR Hits a Scooty, Kills the Rider

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