Kia Dealer Repairs Sonet For Free After Staff Crashes It

  • Recently, we reported a crash caused by staff at a Kia dealership while servicing a Sonet.
  • The owner approached a YouTuber to raise his voice against the mishandling of his car by the workshop staff.
  • Finally, Kia fixed the car free of cost and even offered an extended warranty as compensation.

In the latest development, the Kia dealership fixes the Sonet that was crashed by its workshop staff during servicing. Unfortunately, it is quite common for mechanics to mishandle cars at workshops when the owners give them for servicing. But every once in a while, there is an accident of some sort and the owner has to pay for it without any fault. It is only when such cases come to light are the dealerships forced to accept and correct their mistake. That is exactly what happened in this latest event.

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Kia Dealership Fixes Sonet

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He had posted this incident a few days ago where it was recorded that the staff at the Kia dealership mishandled a Sonet of a customer who had brought it for servicing. The mechanic crashed the compact SUV into a pole in front of the owner as he was taking it for wheel alignment. However, the dealership initially asked the owner to claim insurance. But the owner showed him the video of Nikhil Rana where Kia replaced the car in another incident.

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Only after watching the video, the dealership agreed to fix the car. In this video, the YouTuber shares his conversation with the owner after the vehicle has been returned to him. It was quite impressive to see how quickly Kia fixed the car to save its image. Moreover, the owner got an extended warranty as well. It was only possible because the owner approached the YouTuber to highlight this issue. The owner is heard thanking the YouTuber in the audio clip.

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We hope this serves as an example to all the service centre workers to not mishandle cars. It is high time carmakers start monitoring such foul practices by service centre personnel and take appropriate action against them in such cases. Car owners go to the dealership because of the trust that their cars will be taken care of. Therefore, such incidents must be condemned at all costs. Do share your thoughts on this.

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Kia Dealership Fixes Sonet for free after workshop mechanic crashes it
Kia Dealership Fixes Sonet for free after workshop mechanic. crashes it

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