Mahindra XUV900 Sketch Prepared Based on Teasers – Video

Mahindra is preparing to enter the greener fuel-powered space pretty soon and this detailed sketch of the Mahindra XUV900 could be a sign of things to follow.

This video depicts a detailed sketch of the Mahindra XUV900 which is reported to be the flagship product of the Indian SUV maker. Slated to launch somewhere in 2024, the XUV900 will feature the coupe-SUV body design. Based on the teasers released by Mahindra of the ‘Born Electric SUV’ thus far, a digital automobile designer has decided to come draft quite a comprehensive sketch of the SUV. Since Mahindra is will debut its range of electric SUV concepts later this year under the ‘Born Electric Vision’ initiative, the XUV900 could be one of the three upcoming SUVs that will feature an electric powertrain.

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Mahindra XUV900 Sketch – Video

Likely to be ‘born electric’, the XUV900 would wear exterior styling that is befitting a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). The visuals showcase a futuristic exterior with a scooped out bonnet on the sides, sleek 7-shaped LED DRLs, a thin LED strip on the bonnet line, LED headlamps on the sides of the bumper, closed-out grille section, the new Mahindra logo, chunky wheel arches, alloy wheel design that is typical to EVs, sporty skid plate at the front, slim ORVMs that look more like the camera-based ORVM setup, sloping roofline at the rear to complete that coupe design. All in all, it is certain that this electric SUV will have an imposing road presence and its green credentials would be recognisable from far off just by its design.

To Be Designed By Pratap Bose

The overview of the coupe-SUV has already been showcased back at the Auto Expo 2016. It is hard not to connect this design language with the Mercedes GLE Coupe. However, there might have been several changes to the design from then. Also, the launch is expected sometime in 2024 and by then, there will definitely be tweaks made to the design, especially after the arrival of Pratap Bose at Mahindra. The silhouette reveal is expected to take place in times to come.

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Mahindra XUV900 Sketch Video

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While the exact specifications have not been revealed by Mahindra just yet, it would most likely offer an electric powertrain. For the IC engine lovers, the XUV900 might be powered by a slightly up-tuned version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged direct-injection mStallion engine that is developed in-house along with a more powerful version of the 2.2-litre mHawk diesel mill. It would be interesting to see what sort of battery and electric motor the Mahindra XUV900 comes with.

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