Maruti Dzire Throws Biker Off Flyover; Lady Driver Says ‘Sorry’

Delhi has unfortunately turned into a city that keeps witnessing unfortunate incidents on the roads almost every single day.

In some shocking news, a Maruti Dzire driver is seen saying, ‘I’m sorry’ after hitting a biker in Delhi. The incident from Delhi’s Janakpuri flyover has been doing rounds on the internet. People are enraged beyond measure at the remarks from the lady who was driving the Dzire. Let us take a look at the details of this unfortunate crash where the biker was sadly not able to make it. 

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Maruti Dzire Hitting A Biker

The deceased has been identified as Surendra Singh, a resident of Rajasthan. He used to work in Delhi. According to some reports, the driver of the Maruti Dzire was overspeeding on the flyover when she hit the rider. The impact was so severe that the biker was forced out of the flyover and landed deep below. He couldn’t survive this crash and collapsed there. The drivers on the road recorded the video of the entire incident which shows the woman out of her car that is damaged due to the impact. The bike is visible on the road nearby. 

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She is heard saying she is sorry and she doesn’t know how this happened. The news reports confirm that she had been taken into custody by the police and the investigation is underway. The lady with the driver is seen shouting at the crowd not to take videos. The visuals also show a ton of people around the deceased down on the road under the flyover. This incident of a Maruti Dzire hitting an unsuspecting biker represents everything that is wrong with our roads. 

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maruti dzire motorcycle sorry
Shocked from the accident, the lady driving the Maruti Dzire said she was sorry and didn’t know how she ended up making the mistake.

We would like to urge all our readers to always follow the traffic rules. The most common reason for unfortunate incidents on the road is overspeeding. So many lives could have been saved if only we drove within the speed limits. Because in those cases, one could control the vehicle even if it is not their fault. Also, we must make it a point to report reckless drivers to the authorities because they are dangerous not only for themselves but for others too. That is the sole way of ensuring road safety in our country. We hope that the driver of the Dzire gets the appropriate punishment.

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