Maruti Suzuki India Exports 1 Millionth Car From India

With the global economy not at its best times and automobile makers struggling to keep their sales charts upwards, Maruti Suzuki India has achieved another milestone by exporting one millionth (10 lakh) car from India on 30th April 2012 from India. The export markets for Maruti Suzuki India have changes in the past two years drastically after the European demand being on the lower side because of economic slowdown. Maruti Suzuki India has enlarged its export area by adding more non-European regions to its export markets thereby keeping the export momentum up and achieving this magical one million cars export mark.

Interestingly enough, the not-so-popular small car in India, Maruti A-Star is one of the best sellers by Maruti Suzuki India in the export markets and is sold in over 100 countries across the world in 136 variants and many names like Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Celerio etc. Maruti Suzuki started exporting A-Star in January 2009 and it has exported over 3,00,000 units in just over 3 years! The other high demand export models of cars include Maruti Alto and Maruti 800 which have sold about 2,50,000 units and 2,26,000 units in export markets across the world.

Maruti A Star or Suzuki Alto Small Car

image – Maruti A-Star or Suzuki Alto 2012 new model

The one millionth export car from Maruti Suzuki India is a red coloured Maruti A-Star which will be sold in Denmark. Some of the important export markets for Maruti Suzuki India include Switzerland, Malta, Sweden, Algeria, Egypt and Morocco etc. The top 5 European markets fro Maruti Suzuki India are– Netherlands, Italy, UK, Germany and France while the top 5 non-European markets for Maruti Suzuki India include – Algeria, Chile, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Nepal. Out of these, Algeria has imported over 1,00,000 cars from Maruti Suzuki India. The export focus has changed drastically in the past three years as in the FY- 2009-10, the share of European exports from Maruti Suzuki was about 75% of total exports while in the past financial year 2011-12, the non-European exports constitute over 66% of total exports which is a huge shift. Gradually Maruti Suzuki is expanding its reach into ASEAN nations as Maruti has recently announced that Maruti Ertiga will launch in Indonesia in May 2012. Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka are also large markets for Maruti Suzuki India.

Recently Maruti Suzuki India launched a refreshed new model of Maruti A-Star in India with some new features like beige interiors and upholstery, split seats at rear, new alloy wheels and special colour options etc. to improve the domestic sales of Maruti A-Star in India. We will keep you posted on the updates from Maruti Suzuki India, stay tuned to us by signing up for our free email newsletter and like our official Facebook Page.

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