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Old Toyota Fortuner Modified to Look Like New Model

The Toyota Fortuner enjoys a very strong fan following not just in India, but in many other Asian markets as well. Over the years, we have come across some noteworthy after market modified Toyota Fortuners, some impressive, some not so much. Recently, we came across this rather interesting looking first generation model that thinks its a 2016 Fortuner. Here’s more on the Modified Toyota Fortuner from Thailand.

modified-toyota-fortuner-thailand-front-angle (1)

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Modified Toyota Fortuner Design – Front

The front end of this modified Toyota Fortuner has been modeled after the TRD Sportivo variant of the new generation Fortuner. The bumper is an almost exact replica of the actual thing. Right from the chrome lining on the fog lamp surrounds and the air dam. They seem to have taken a spare front bumper, grille, and headlamps of the new Fortuner and used them to replace the respective bits of the old one. The front side fenders and the bonnet have gone under the knife in order to integrate them seamlessly with the new nose.


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Modified Toyota Fortuner Design – Side

While the front might succeed at fooling you into thinking this is the new generation Fortuner, the side gives its identity away. The people responsible for this creation have kept the beefy body cladding, something the new Fortuner doesn’t get, and the hood scoop has been retained as well. The elongated nose is also evident in the side profile of the modified Toyota Fortuner. New alloys wheels and some ‘TRD’ stickering round off the changes made to the side profile of the SUV.


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Modified Toyota Fortuner Design – Rear

The rear end of the Modified Toyota Fortuner is, much like the front, almost identical to that of the new model. It gets the same LED tail lamps and the same chrome garnish bearing the ‘Fortuner’ name as the new generation model. Unlike the Sportivo spec, this one does without the rear fog lights. It gets reflector units instead and a quad exhaust setup. Also, it does not get a black roof and makes do with a slightly different rear spoiler design.

Pictures of the interiors are not available. However, it is unlikely the modifiers would try to replicate the new Fortuner’s interiors. Doing that will prove to be too tedious. Also, this modified Toyota Fortuner, in all probability, does not get any mechanical modifications. This modification is, reportedly, being offered as a kit in the Thai market. As far as car modifications go, this one here is very interesting indeed. With Toyota taking its own sweet time to bring the 2016 Fortuner to India, customers can at least make their old Fortuners look like the new one.

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New 2016 Toyota Fortuner Image Gallery

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