Here’s The Most BADASS Avatar of the Latest Mahindra Thar!

Mahindra Thar has become one of the most popular SUVs people use to quench their modification thirst. Among many cool iterations of the off-roader, this might just be the coolest version yet.

As far as the modified versions go, this latest iteration of the Mahindra Thar has to be the most badass avatar yet. Ever since the off-roading SUV was launched in India, people have taken a serious liking to it. This also reflects in the sales and waiting period for the new Thar which stretches to even 1 year in some cities. The undoubted off-roading capabilities coupled with modern tech to make it more user friendly for everyday use are the most prominent reasons why the customers are opting for it. Let us discuss the details on this version of the Thar.

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Badass Avatar of Mahindra Thar

The SUV has received some prominent upgrades from the regular version. To start with, the front fascia has a classic Thar/Jeep vibe but with a host of hardcore off-roading elements. The grille and the bumper have been cut short and additional bull road and sleek bumper have been installed. The skid plate is made of chunky metal to protect the underbelly of the SUV. The suspension has been raised to enhance the ground clearance thoroughly. The front also houses modern LED lamps and DRLs at various places including inside the headlamp cluster. The auxiliary headlamps on the roof will ensure that even when you are camping in the wild, you don’t run out of visibility. The front end, overall, looks quite muscular and purposeful.

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Badass Avatar Mahindra Thar

The side profile is arguably the most upgraded simply because of the massive wide tyres. These are very high profile tyres with massive sidewalls to ensure that no bumps or undulations on the road seep through to the cabin. These are also the reason for the increased ground clearance. The rear is an open-top version with plenty of off-roading kit installed in the boot. Apart from the LED taillamps, there are hooks to strap various things to take of an adventure into the wild. Would you also agree that this is the most badass avatar of the Mahindra Thar yet and would love to get something like it in the aftermarket?

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Badass Avatar Mahindra Thar

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