Motorcycle Engulfed in Flames as Petrol Pump Staff is Caught Using Phone!

Here’s a case where a Bajaj Platina was engulfed in flames as it was being re-fueled while a petrol pump staff standing nearby was caught using his phone. Notice how most people also do not have any protection against coronavirus.

You must already have seen numerous videos on the internet of cars and motorcycles visiting petrol stations and then catching fire while fueling. Well, here’s one that happened in a place called Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan on July 24, at 9:36 am. Catching fire while fueling your vehicle can easily turn fatal. There are reasons why petrol stations have warning signs that tell you not to use your mobile phone, or smoke in the car at a petrol pump. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly happened here.

Motorcycle engulfed in flames as petrol pump staff is caught using phone.
Motorcycle engulfed in flames as petrol pump staff is caught using phone.

The CCTV footage shows a man riding a Bajaj Platina steer into the petrol station with an old man seated on the pillion seat of the motorcycle and there are already a few things of concern here. Neither person seated on the Bajaj Platina are wearing helmets. Although the rider seems to have his face covered with a scarf in times of this pandemic, his pillion rider has nothing to protect himself with. What’s even more surprising is that none of the petrol station employees are wearing masks either. It’s quite hazardous as these people are interacting with numerous people in a day.

Nevertheless, moving on, we can see that the Bajaj Platina is being re-fueled while the rider reaches out for something from him pocket. As soon as the rider pulls out something from his pocket, in a flash of a second, the motorcycle in engulfed in flames. The man jumps out of his motorcycle, who at this point has already caught fire on his palms and trousers and his pillion rider, being old, falls with the motorcycle. He is however pulled away by the rider just a few moments later. There was another motorcycle nearby and they too managed to retreat safely.

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Although the exact reason for the fire is unknown, the CCVT footage clearly shows one of the petrol pump employees using his phone while the motorcycle was being re-fueled. That’s quite outrageous but at least, the staff were quick to react to the situation. After the initial shock, one of the employees tried to grab the fuel nozzle and cut the fuel flow but that was of no avail. Another staff member soon arrives with a fire extinguisher off camera and manages to put the fire out. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in this incident.

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Such incident’s aren’t all that rare and it it must be understood that it can happen to anyone, anywhere. One should always be respectful of warning signs at petrol station and not use their phone while the vehicle is being re-fueled or smoke. Even friction with clothes, especially woollen and polyester, could cause a spark. One should also always turn off the ignition while fueling the vehicle. Caution must always be exercised at petrol stations.