MS Dhoni Explains How EVs Are Not ‘The Solution’

Electric Vehicle (EV) News ยป MS Dhoni Explains How EVs Are Not ‘The Solution’

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MS Dhoni is an avid automobile enthusiast and his car collection is a testament to that along with his insane passion for bikes.

MS Dhoni thinks that EVs are not the solution to tackle the issue of emissions and carbon footprint. Dhoni is the former captain of the Indian cricket team and one of the most talented players to have ever played the game. He is well-known for his innate passion for automobiles. In fact, he has a special place for vintage cars and motorcycles in his heart which is why we see so many such vehicles in his car collection. In a recent interview, he was found talking about the future of the automobile industry.

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MS Dhoni Talks About EVs

This post has been shared by lightorium on Instagram. It captures a snippet of an interview where MS Dhoni was having a conversation regarding the future of EVs. He is heard saying that EVs are not ‘the solution’. Elucidating it further, he mentions that it is not the EVs that are important but the fact that where the electricity to power the EVs comes from. If electricity is generated using non-renewable sources of energy, then we are not achieving anything by electrifying cars.

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However, if we focus on developing renewable sources of generating electricity, that will be the actual solution. At the moment, one might think that EVs don’t cause any tailpipe emissions, so they must be better for the environment. However, that is just one aspect of the entire process. They need charging which makes it important to realise where the electricity is coming from. If we are still using coal to produce electricity and charge EVs from that, then the actual positive impact on the environment is not significant.

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In fact, many industry experts and enthusiasts have already been pointing it out for a long time now. We must take into consideration the overall process of energy generation to determine if EVs are actually great for the environment or not. Hence, electricity from solar and wind energy is required to power the EVs so that the overall positive impact on the environment is maximized.

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