Police ‘Airlifts’ Honda Activa and Its Rider from No Parking Zone

A peculiar video from Nagpur that has gone viral shows a crane lifting a Honda Activa with its rider still atop the scooter

The video we have with us today will leave many of you quite shocked. Yes, what it shows is a wrongly parked Honda Activa that was lifted by the crane and kept mid-air for several seconds while its rider was still atop the scooter. This short clip went viral recently and has, in fact, created a ruckus of sorts due to the brazen recklessness shown by the authorities in Nagpur. Soon after the clip went viral, the police force of Maharashtra city gave a statement that strict action will be taken against the contractor company.

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Rider Clings on to his Honda Activa to avoid falling

This shocking video from Nagpur was shot by one of the bystanders. Actually, a person had wrongly parked his Honda Activa scooter in a No Parking Zone. On seeing this, the traffic police summoned a crane to remove the scooter from the area. However, things took a dramatic turn when the crane operator lifted the scooter with its rider still sitting on the vehicle. The video here shows the scooter dangling from the crane while the owner clings on for his life.

Several road users looked on as the crane airlifted the Honda Activa without caring about the rider being still atop his vehicle. Needless to say, the police personnel should have ensured that the rider vacates the No Parking zone after a warning/payment of a fine. Instead, it looks like the cops and/or the crane operator decided to take matters in their own hands by teaching the rider a lesson. The crane lifted the scooter by tying it to a wire. The scooter can be seen dangling mid-air even as the rider tries to maintain his calm while being seated on the vehicle. It’s clear that even a slight loss of balance by the rider could have proven disastrous as it could have resulted in a fall. In fact, one can see the rider asking the crane operator to lower the vehicle.

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Police Ensures Action Against Contractor Company

nagpur police airlifts honda activa with rider
Nagpur Police uses a crane to lift the wrongly parked Honda Activa with its rider.

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This incident occurred on 22 July. On the same day, a video of the incident was shared on Twitter. The post mentioned ‘Near Anjuman Complex, Nagpur’ as the location of this incident. It further said that ‘the traffic police picked up the scooter parked in the no parking zone along with the owner.’ Soon after the video went viral, many senior officials of the police force ensured action against the contractor company.

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