What Are The New Four-Wheeler Challans? Complete List

The amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act have shot up the new four-wheeler challans and they are quite hefty. Here is the complete list of new fines.

The new penalties under the Motor Vehicles Act were made effective from September 1 and since then, there have been several headlines where drivers and riders have been issued challans with absurd amounts. While most of the country is still coming to terms with these new penalties, it is important to know the new four-wheeler challans that could be issued against you for irresponsible or inappropriate driving.

The new four-wheeler challans could be quite hefty for you.
The new four-wheeler challans could be quite hefty for you.
OffenceOld ChallanNew Challan
GeneralRs. 100Rs. 500
Driving without LicenseRs. 500Rs. 5000
Driving without qualificationRs. 500Rs. 10,000
Dangerous DrivingRs. 1000Up to Rs. 5000
OverspeedingRs. 400Rs. 2000
Drunken DrivingRs. 2,000Rs. 10,000
Accident by MinorNew ProvisionOwner to be held guilty with a fine of Rs 2,500 and 3 years imprisonment
Driving without wearing seat beltRs. 100Rs. 1000
Vehicle Without permitRs. 5000Rs. 10,000
Travelling without ticketRs. 200Rs. 500
Violation of road regulationNew ProvisonRs. 500
Disobedience of orders of authorities and refusal to give informationUpto Rs. 500Upto Rs. 2,000
Driving despite disqualification Upto Rs. 500Rs. 10,000
Penalty for offences relating to accidentFirst offence- fine up to 500 and/or imprisonment of 3 months; Second offence-fine up to 1000 and/or imprisonment for 6 monthsFirst offence – fine up to Rs 5,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months; second offence- fine up to Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment of 1 year
Punishment for racing and speedingFine upto Rs. 500 and/or imprisonment for 1 monthRemains same for first instance; Second instance – Fine of Rs. 10,000 and/or imprisonment for 1 month
Penalty for driving vehicle violating road safety, noise/air pollution standards
First offence-Fine of 1000; Second offence-Fine of 2000First offence- Imprisonment upto 3 months and/or fine of 10,000, and disqualification for holding license for 3 months; Second offence- Imprisonment up to 6 months
Carriage of excess passengersNew ProvisionFine of Rs. 200 per excess passenger
Failure to allow free passage of emergency vehiclesNew Provision Fine of Rs. 10,000 and/or imprisonment up to 6 months
Penalty for causing obstruction to free flow of traffic Fine of Rs. 50 per hourRs. 500

To site some of the instances that have already occurred, a Honda Activa rider received a challan of Rs 23,000 after which he surrendered the scooter saying his scooter was half the price of the challan. An autorickshaw driver who was issued a ticket of Rs 47,500 was found helpless as he did not have the money to pay the challan. Recently, a biker was issued a challan of Rs. 25,000, after which the rides set his Hero Splendor on fire right in front of the police.

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With these new challan in play for four-wheelers and two-wheelers alike, the traffic police have already gotten to work. On the very first day of implementation, there were more than 4,900 people who were booked with challans in Delhi. In Orissa and Haryana, the collected fines have crossed Rs 1.41 crores, cumulative. There are other small fines like vehicles with fancy number plates, wrong-way driving, crossing zebra line at red light and more, all of which demand Rs 500.

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The government says that larger penalties have been imposed on those offences which could pose a larger risk to road users in general and also cause accidents. These measures were long coming in order to reduce road fatalities in the country and improve road safety. India remains one of the countries with the highest number of road fatalities and stricter fines might just improve road discipline. So just be more careful on the roads these days because we are sure you don’t want a hefty challan for your four-wheeler.