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Launched early this year, the latest generation Skoda Superb, akin to its predecessors, becomes the flagship model in Skoda India‘s arsenal. The new, B8 Superb is definitely a giant leap ahead of the B6 model that it has replaced. The Superb is now even roomier, which is mostly due to its clever design and packaging. It also boasts plethora of new safety and comfort features, which has put the new Superb’s features list at par with many cars from higher segments. Not just this, the new Superb also rides and handles in a lot more matured manner. The Superb is now Bigger, Bolder and more Sophisticated. But is it enough to take on the likes of latest generation Toyota Camry or the upcoming Honda Accord? Can it pen down yet another success story for Skoda India? Read our new Skoda Superb Petrol review here for answers.

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The new Skoda Superb boasts a modern, expressive and emotionally-rich design. Based on the ‘Skoda VisionC’, the new design language, in words of Skoda, conveys strength and self-assurance.

new skoda superb petrol review images

The car’s front-end is characterized by a wide radiator grille, sharply-styled and distinctive headlamps and the cleanly-structured hood. All these elements are designed to come together for increased optical width. However, at the same time, bits like the new radiator grille and the centrally positioned logo on the bonnet’s nose go on to draw attention to the centre of the vehicle’s front.

new skoda superb petrol review images

The new Superb continues to impress in its side profile. The sharp, high tornado line puts emphasis on the car’s overall length. The wing line, which runs just underneath, accentuates the effect of the tornado line. Furthermore, the narrow pillars, sharp window line and gently sloping roofline give the car a coupé-like dynamic impression. The striking wheel arches further emphasise the dynamic appearance.

new skoda superb petrol review images

The rear too looks muscular and crisp. It gets clean lines which, once again, put a strong emphasis on the car’s width. The two-part taillamps get LED technology. They possess the C-motif lighting pattern that Skoda is famous for. The tailgate’s sharp, horizontal seam gives added spice to the rear.

new skoda superb petrol review images

The new interior carries all the essential design details of the exterior. Here, too, Skoda has put a special emphasis on horizontal lines, which makes the already very airy interior look even roomier. Modern design, high quality materials and a long list of features lend the interior a really premium touch. Some of the highlights of this car’s features list include-

  • Large panoramic sunroof
  • Premium piano black decors
  • 3-zone climate control system
  • Rear AC vents
  • Smartlink connectivity
  • 6.5-inch touch-screen infotainment system
  • 12 speaker Canton sound system

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Engine and Transmission

Our test car came with the highly potent 1.8-litre TSI Petrol that churns out a max. power of 177 BHP and a peak torque of 250 Nm. The motor comes mated to a 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission that has the precision of a Swiss timepiece. This four-cylinder Turbo Petrol engine makes the new Superb really sprightly, with 100 KMPH from standstill coming in much less than 10 seconds (this, in spite of a kerb weight of over 1,500 KGs). The turbo lag is almost absent and peak torque is generated from as low as 1,250 RPM and is available till 5,000 RPM! The engine also scores highly on refinement and has really low NVH levels. Power delivery is pretty linear and redline comes in around 7,000 RPM.

new skoda superb petrol review images engine

Like most of the DSGs we’ve experienced, the Superb’s 7-Speed Dual-clutch Transmission offers lightening-fast shifts. In D mode, it up-shifts earlier, thereby optimizing the fuel efficiency. In S mode, it holds on to every gear longer to offer you a sportier driving experience. Skoda India has claimed a fuel efficiency of 14.67 KMPL for the new Super Petrol. However, we saw the on-board computer displaying as low as 4.5 KMPL while pushing this car hard. However, safely expect it to return roughly 9-10 KMPL under normal driving conditions.

Ride and Handling

We loved the last generation Superb for the fantastic ride quality it offered and the new Superb is even better. The suspension soaks in most of the undulations with an aplomb and the new Superb offers the proverbial ‘magic carpet ride’. Skoda has managed to make the ride comfortable without requiring to employ an overtly soft suspension. This means that even in terms of handling and driving pleasure, the Superb impresses.

The last generation Superb wasn’t a bad handler but the biggest grouse we had was with the really low levels of feedback from the steering and the fact that the car could never inspire much confidence owing to its large dimensions. The new Superb, however, is leagues ahead in this aspect. True, there’s some body roll when pushed really hard, but we just love the way this car shrinks around you while being driven hard. It feels very agile, especially when you take into account its size, and there’s enough feedback from the steering when driven in the Sport mode. High speed stability is fantastic and the brakes are potent enough to easily haul down this car from triple digit speeds.


new skoda superb petrol review images

At INR 28.25 Lakhs apiece (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the new Superb Petrol comes across as a good value-for-money proposition. True, it won’t have the low running costs of the Camry Hybrid, but it does come across as a very well built car that offers almost acres of interior space, features from cars belonging to a segment above, a really potent Petrol motor, and ride and handling manners that betray this car’s size. The new Superb Petrol will undoubtedly impress the chauffeur-driven, but it won’t really disappoint the driving enthusiasts either. A slightly poorer man’s Audi A6 or a slightly richer man’s Octavia vRS? Whichever way you look at it, the new Superb definitely has a lot going for it.

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