Ola Electric Scooter Faces Quality Blips and Aftersales Service Issues!

Bike News » Ola Electric Scooter Faces Quality Blips and Aftersales Service Issues!

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It is not going well for Ola Electric as poor aftersales service comes to light. The deliveries have not gone according to the plan and customers are reporting issues with brand new scooters.

Ola S1 Pro owner reports multiple issues with the e-scooter along with a poor display of aftersales service. The electric scooter has already received heavy backlash from the potential customers who are waiting eagerly for the e-scooters after having booked it months prior. The deliveries are not as fast and the bookings have skyrocketed. It is quite difficult to understand how Ola would be able to deliver on the promise in time. Add to that, the scooters already delivered are not up to the market in terms of quality and usage. Here are some examples that have been reported by the S1 Pro owners on Twitter.

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Ola S1 Issues and Poor Service

According to these Twitter posts, the guy who received the S1 Pro had issues just after driving the scooter for 6 km. There were screeching noises and headlamp issues as a result of which, it had to be towed away. After the service staff brought the scooter back after the repair, the owner noticed a broken number plate and black stains on the scooter. This, as one would imagine, is utterly unprofessional and would make anyone furious. Within 24 hours of the new purchase, so many issues were detected and also brought the poor service to the light. This raises serious concerns regarding the quality of the Ola scooters. It might be the case because Ola is trying to meet the deadline of delivering the scooters to the customers which is resulting in compromised quality.

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The second case also tells a similar tale. A certain Karthik Varma received the delivery of the Ola scooter in Visakhapatnam. To his surprise, the brand new bike cam with cracks and dents on the body. The images of the same have been shared by him. Having reported this to the service manager, he was assured that these will be fixed before the delivery. However, the important question that he raises is that why should the bike be prepared when he paid the money for a new bike. How is it possible that a brand new bike out of the showroom comes with a dented body. Ola needs to focus on the service and quality of the bikes before it’s too late.

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