WATCH First OLA S1 Pro Real-World Range Test Ever

Finally, an OLA S1 Pro range test has emerged online. The real-world test is a first in India and showcases the entire ride in Normal mode.

The OLA S1 Pro is being touted a the next phase of advanced electric scooters. It is the premium variant of the company’s S1 electric scooter range. However, the hardware on both variants is similar. The OLA S1 Pro is said to offer 5500 W power from its motor. You can choose three ride modes (Normal, Eco, and Hyper). The company is promising a top speed of 115kmph and a range of 181 km per full charge. The 3.97kWh battery pack can be fully charged with a 750W portable charger in six and a half hours. Additionally, it can be fast charged via an Ola Supercharger for a range of 75 km in just 18 minutes. Now, a new video by ‘Pradeep on Wheels’ showcases how well it actually performs. Let’s see how the OLA S1 Pro performs in the real world.

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As you can see in the new video, the fully-charged OLA S1 Pro was driven at the speed of 50-60kmph on normal mode. The whole test lasted for almost four and half hours. The electric scooter showed a range of 135km for normal mode, 180km for eco mode, and 94km for hyper mode. The normal mode takes a while to pick up but is smooth thereafter. The bike range fell to 94 after traveling for 5km. After 13km, it showed a range of 133. The OLA S1 Pro offered 70 km of range at 52 percent charge after traveling a distance of 54km. Once the scooter goes down to 24percent charge, it falls to eco mode from normal mode. In eco mode, the top speed is 40. The OLA S1 Pro fell down to 15% after riding for 93 km. So, the usable distance of the scooter is essentially 90km. While it shows a range of 20km at a 15% charge, it is not advisable to take that chance. Also, while the display shows a speed of 40, the actual speed is 34. This difference increases as you increase speed. With a pillion rider, the scooter finds it hard to pull in eco mode. The scooter stopped at 3% charge, after covering almost 98km. A lot of environmental conditions affect the range, following good driving practices can offer a good range.

WATCH First OLA S1 Pro Range Real-world Test In India

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The OLA S1 Pro comes with starting price of Rs 1,27,670. It is available in 10 color options. The electric scooter is said to offer 8.5kW of maximum power and 58Nm of peak torque. Suspension is handled by a single front fork, a rear mono-shock, disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. The electric scooter uses a combined braking system of both wheels. In terms of design, the OLA S1 Pro features curvy side panels, a body-colored front fender, a twin-pod headlight at the front, a sleek LED taillight, apron-mounted sleek LED indicators, and a split-style pillion grabrail. There is also an external charging port at the back. The 36-liter under-seat storage space can fit two open-face helmets. Additional features include a hill-hold system, cruise control, proximity unlock, remote boot lock, voice assist, call alert, message alert, anti-theft alert, geo-fencing, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, onboard navigation, electronic steering lock, OTA updates, and more.

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