Ola Uber Drivers Strike – When, What, How & Why?


Mumbai based transport wing of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has organised an indefinite Ola Uber drivers strike. The drivers claim low return and regular cheating from these companies basis for the strike.

The Ola Uber Drivers Strike is ongoing starting today. If the demands are not met, the strike to go on indefinitely. Back in March 2017, two drivers operating under Ola tried to commit suicide in front of their office in Bangalore. While the way to protest here is debatable, the reason has remained same over time. Following this, the Ola Uber Drivers Strike went on in and around Delhi which failed as the protestors started attacking the cabs still running. In order to keep the situation in check this time, Mumbai Police has issued notices to leaders of the union under section 149 of CrPC relating to unlawful assembly.

Ola Uber Drivers Strike

Ola Uber Drivers Strike – Strike Starts

All India Ola Uber Drivers Strike starts today. If the demands of the drivers are not met, the strike will go on indefinitely. The strike was initiated by Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s transport union. Other taxi unions like Mumbai Taximen’s Union have extended their support. Mumbai alone has over 45,000 cabs running for Ola and Uber.

Ola Uber Drivers Strike – Response

Live reports coming in from various parts of the nation-state that the response towards the strike is lukewarm on the initiation day. Delhi drivers have opted to stay away from the strike and cabs have easily been available here. A similar state is being noticed in cities like Bangalore as well. Mumbai saw the most number of taxi drivers staying off the road and proving their superior vigilance yet again. As a major amount of taxi drivers stay off the road, Uber and Ola are certainly using this to earn even more profit by implementing a surcharge of twice or even thrice in certain areas.

While these drivers living on a hand to mouth salaries risk their mere livelihood, both Uber, Ola and the Indian Government have failed to even comment in their favour.

Ola Uber Drivers Strike – Reason

The reason for the ongoing Ola Uber Drivers Strike is evident. The drivers plying their cars under these companies have had similar demands in each protest. When these companies started operating in India, they promised a return of INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,50,000 per month. They used to offer various bonuses every day if the driver reached the desired target. Even the fare amount, which was INR 10 per km back then, the drivers used to receive an amount almost double amounting to great returns. As these companies settled and employed more and more people, they got greedy and today, are not giving any incentives to these drivers. A direct loss of 50% of these driver’s income, the same income required to pay the due on the car they drive while paying for the family’s expenses.

In another claim made by the drivers, the company Ola is cheating them by prioritising the company owned car’s revenue over self-owned vehicles. The drivers claim that even if their cars are closer to the customer,

Ola Uber Drivers Strike – Help

We support the Ola Uber Drivers Strike and want the companies to play fair. Competition has prevailed in all sectors but it should not affect the grass root level. These drivers were promised a good return on their investment and in failing to do so, they are not only affecting them but us too. Help us help them by sharing this article on social media using the ‘#cabstrike’ as the common tag. Let us unite to fight the unjust faced by these drivers. These very people are suffering while the companies enjoy profits year over year.


Image Credit – Hindustan Times

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