PM Modi Remotely Drives A Car in Sweden From Delhi to Demonstrate 5G Capabilities

India is well on its way to the future with the 5G launched across the country. PM Modi demonstrated the futuristic capabilities of the 5G network.

Here’s a video that shows PM Modi drive a car in Sweden from Delhi using the 5G technology. Roll out of the 5G services in India recently took place at the Indian Mobile Congress event in New Delhi. Market launch will happen by Diwali. This marks India’s foray into the future of telecommunications and the internet. We know how our entire lives depend on the internet these days and super-fast 5G services will aid the applications a lot.

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PM Modi Drives a Car Using 5G

The video comes from the official YouTube channel of Narendra Modi. The main highlight of the launch ceremony was Prime Minister Narendra Modi displaying the capabilities of 5G. He sat on a driving seat with a steering wheel and pedals installed in front of it. A link was established between the Ericcson stall in Delhi to Sweden. The video shows a car driving indoors using high-speed internet services. Demonstrating the capabilities of this network, PM Modi was able to drive the car. There were forward and reverse motions along with appropriate steering movements.

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As seen in the video, the real-time control was on display as the PM was able to control the vehicle completely. This represents the future of the internet with the world becoming seamlessly accessible to anyone from any country. This is a great example of how something can be remote-controlled with accuracy and no lag in Europe while sitting in India. Hence, it’s clear that one can do any sort of activity from any corner of the world through 5G.

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Useful for Defence

The video explains how such vehicles are useful in defence. Such vehicles can trace out the land mines and save the lives of the soldiers. Certainly, the future of warfare is digital. We won’t use as many humans as we used a couple of decades ago in war situations. Also, such machines can handle many dangerous activities in the industrial sector. These can be effortlessly operated remotely using high-speed internet. What are your thoughts on the 5G?

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PM Modi Driving Car in Sweden Using 5G From India
PM Modi Driving Car in Sweden Using 5G From India

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