Mahindra XUV700 vs Hyundai Tuscon – Which One Has Better ADAS?

Modern cars above a certain price point are coming equipped with ADAS functions which is why it becomes necessary to acquaint yourself with the various levels of ADAS.

This is a neat video to get yourself acquainted with the various levels of ADAS including Level 1 in Mahindra XUV700 and Level 2 in Hyundai Tucson. Both these SUVs are modern and come with driver assistance functions. When talking about the overall industry, there are 6 levels of ADAS from 0 to 5. We take a look at which functions come with what level here.

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Mahindra XUV700 Level 1 vs Hyundai Tucson Level 2 ADAS

The informative video has been posted by aristocar on YouTube. The narrator explains that the XUV700 comes with Level 1 autonomous features which include parking sensors and autonomous emergency braking, lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, etc. Level 0 is no automation and hence can be neglected. When it comes to Level 2, Tucson and MG Astor offer it at a relatively affordable price. In this, there are additional functions like rear-traffic cross alert, sensors and radars to detect obstacles at the sides and back of the car and apply necessary action to avoid contact. In context of the XUV700 and the Tucson, the latter clearly has a more sophisticated setup.

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Level 3 ADAS functions are considered to be those where a lot of work of the driver is taken over by the automobile. A few Tesla products can be categorised under this section that are capable of driving themselves on properly marked roads. People are able to take their eyes off the road. However, it is limited to only certain sections of prominent highways in the USA and Canada. There are other features like calling your car out of a parking slot without sitting in the car.

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Level 3 ADAS Yet to Launch in India

Anything beyond Level 3 is considered futuristic and carmakers are coming up with concepts for such vehicles. In these, the steering wheel and driving pedals will be redundant as the cars will be fully capable of driving you from your source to your destination with no input from the driver. Such cars will not have a dedicated driver’s seat but a bench where anyone could sit. The focus, in such cars, will be on the comfort of the passengers and the ambience of the cabin. What are your thoughts on the future of ADAS?

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Differences Between Level 1 ADAS of Mahindra XUV700 and Level 2 ADAS of Hyundai Tucson
Differences Between Level 1 ADAS of Mahindra XUV700 and Level 2 ADAS of Hyundai Tucson

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