RE Bullet Hits Maruti Ciaz (ANCAP -4 Star) – Surprising Result

Our roads expose the real build quality and safety prowess of vehicles and this video shows how the Maruti Ciaz performed in a critical situation.

In this video, an RE Bullet is seen testing the build quality of a Maruti Ciaz. The video has been reported from Kalyan City in Mumbai. Maruti Ciaz has been crash-tested by the ASEAN NCAP where it secured a respectable 4-star. But the GNCAP is considered much more stringent and tests the build quality of a car in more depth. Nevertheless, the real-life incident with the bulky Bullet shows some interesting facets of the Ciaz’s built.

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RE Bullet Tests Build Quality of Ciaz

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh whose YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing the performance of popular cars during unfortunate incidents. He aims to raise awareness among Indian buyers regarding the relevance of buying a safe car. This crash took place on a narrow flyover where the Bullet and Ciaz were coming from opposite sides. The exact reason for the crash is not known. But it looks like either of them might have been overspeeding. As a result, the Bullet collided with the Ciaz from the front left side. The video consists of images of the impact on both parties.

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The damage to the Ciaz is quite apparent and severe. One side of the car is completely deformed. The bumper, side fender, and headlamp have suffered terrible damage. Even the wheel seems to be affected and turned toward the side. On the other hand, the tyre and front guard of the Bullet have also suffered damages. The motorcycle has been parked nearby and the deformed wheel is visible. No injuries have been reported to the drivers of either vehicle.

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re bullet maruti ciaz
RE Bullet Tests Build Quality of Maruti Ciaz

We would like to highlight the need and importance of driving within speed limits. Most of the unfortunate cases that happen on the roads have overspeeding as the prime reason. Especially, in this case, the speed limit visible in the video is 30 km/h. Had the drivers of the Ciaz and Bullet been driving at 30 km/h, there is a strong possibility that they would have been able to control their respective vehicles and avoided the impact. Make sure to follow all traffic rules to make our roads safe.

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