Stupid Royal Enfield Bullet Rider Performs Stunts While Wife Rides Pillion

Our roads are full of idiots who perform mindless stunts for social media engagement and this latest post captures one such act.

In this latest Instagram post, a Royal Enfield Bullet rider performs idiotic stunts while his wife is riding a pillion. Funnily enough, there is absolutely no reaction by the wife. It looks like she doesn’t see her husband standing on the seat of the moving motorcycle. Her expressionless demeanour has attracted hilarious comments from the netizens. Let us take a look at the details of this moronic act.

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Bullet Rider Performs Stunts

This video clip has been shared by ghantaa on Instagram. The video shows a man riding a Bullet without a helmet. Her wife seated at the back doesn’t have one either. However, things start getting hysterical once the rider starts to get up on the moving motorcycle. Firstly, he sits on the bike and then leaves the handlebar. Balancing himself quite professionally, he stands up on the moving bike. The cameraman catches this unique visual from all angles possible.

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As he is standing atop the seat, her wife is completely unaffected by all the commotion around her. She neither tries to control the bike nor tries to pull her husband back onto the seat. We don’t know the outcome of this moronic stunt. The video ends moments after the biker stands on the seat. However, by the end of the clip, it does look like he is tilting toward one side. But we will never get to see that.

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Safety Regulations

This is yet another instance where a road user is seen flouting the safety and traffic rules in broad daylight. Not only is he risking his life but also his wife’s. Moreover, having no control over where the bike is heading makes other people on the road targets as well. Therefore, if you see someone attempting such mindless acts on the road, make sure to report them to the authorities. We must pledge to make our roads safer. Do share your thoughts on the matter.

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bullet rider performs stunts
Royal Enfield Bullet Rider performs stunts with wife on the pillion seat.

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